Life can move on smoothly until………….


Something messes up your savoir-faire,

your joie de vivre

your nosayque

and  leaves you wondering  que paso?

If such simple problems ( that I have) can lead to a lack of  no se que  then I am a simple soul in need of algo fuerte!

Just kidding, my world is just fine, I may be dented but  not broken.  (feel the drama !)

Car issues  DRIVE

RV roof issues with the escape of my $100, probably resolved when I find the guy!

Family issues  (all daughters are not  created the same)  

Illness  issues ( not mine for a change) are problematic right now, hopefully resolved asap

Why anyonewould chose to read this other than myself is beyond reason, this is what happens when I try to write everyday. without a topic in my mind, only the desire to write daily.

Or I could tell you about my daughters experience leaving Panama during her second check-in gropped boob account that left her in tears. But that is her story, not sure she wants to remember it or have me tell it, I’m sure she will direct her concern to someone in charge.

ya vamos………


So here I am, in Plano TX and my ‘Smart’ car won’t unpark, won’t drive………..

wt27ns0YSGGAHIo89IuxCA_thumb_1efaI guess I should be happy that it happened while parked in a mall parking lot and not on the road coming here. I’d finished shopping and was on to my sisters house but it would not shift out of PARK.  Somehow I got her into drive and made it to Sher’s house but after that there was no way to get her moving again.

How embarrassing for her to be lifted up and towed to the mercedes dealership for assessment of the problem, I’m thinking transmission, I’d wondered if it was working properly seemed to work too hard to get to another gear.

And how scared I am with my bicycle size budget and the mercedes size bill I expect.  When I bought this Smart Car I was concerned about repair costs so I added every kind of protection I could, so far I think I’m only responsible for $300 deductable.

I’ve only had the car since February!  Any suggestions?  Should I let car max know about it? Shouldn’t they have made sure the transmission was in good condition when they sold it?  Did I do something to damage it?  It was super  on the highways but the roads here in Plano are terrible on  this little car, I feel every bump in the road.

Meanwhile here I am sitting in my son’s apartment trying to deal with car problem and my sister’s not feeling  good today.  Tomorrow I’ll get a rental becasue I think she will need to see her Doctor. Or maybe a different Dr. She has had to teach this young MD about all the problems she has had and he is lucky she is has not considered  sueing because she has cause over and over again. Can you imagine that this office continues to ignor her calls? I would think that they would bend over backwards to please her.

I end this note with a feeling of frustration for me and my sister.

“You know Mom , that car is not made to use on highways…..”

I just completed my long trip to Plano TX to see what I could do to help my sister after her rough bout in the hospital.  The car did fine but the wind  did make it a tiny bit shakey, I  held onto the wheel tight when the wind blew gusts  or when the 18 wheelers flew by.  It was fine until my google map app  stopped  giving me verbal directions in Ft Worth I got turned around for awhile.  No worries I just let my son know I was delayed and filled my gas tank just in case I had to wander  about before my directions  made sense.

I probably should have stopped to sleep so that I would not have to find my way in the dark but if I had not gotten turned around I would have arrived at 8 pm which I thought was a good time to arrive it not being dark until then.  I don’t like driving in the dark especailly when not familiar with where I’m going.  I think most old ladies would feel the same about it.  I left GG at home having her roof painted and possibly some work done on her exterior. I am trusting my new friends to not drive off with GG while I’m gone as they have the keys to everything I own.

I’ll take a different way back home, I didn’t like driving through parts of west TX because of the oil smells  and boring flat scenery and I don’t remember that being a problem when I left here, must have taken a different route then.

So I’m back in TX for a week or so staying with my son who asks “how long” and spending my days helping Shar who needs a super bland diet making a grocery list for Carl to buy bland groceries.

Shar has all the stuff I couldn’t take in GG so it’s fun to see my stuff without needing to pack it up, and chose a few things, some of my books, and my Panama Birds Mola (it will look great in the RV) and some fabric to play with. And  a few more books.



A Change of Priority

Today I was to take my RV into town for the roof repair as I mentioned before.  Roof repair takes priority over everything when you live in an RV and the expert that does the work is in high demand.  But this morning I got some news that demanded an even higher priority so when my battery was dead this morning,( my fault) to take it into town it seemed like a signal to stay put and I stopped  thinking about my roof.  We are a big family, I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters. when news of  emergency surgery on a sister was announced we all wanted to go help her.  Happily the problem was (hopefully) resolved via a scope so her down time will be much less and less painful for her.

Plus I found a local man who can do the roof right here where I’m parked..while I’m gone.Everyone here has been so helpful I almost think I should go and let them work on my RV while I’m gone whether she needs me or not! No, I’m going anyway just to see she is ok

I have a fridge full of good intentions, sweet potatoes, leeks ( I thought they were…….something else.) green beans, and cabbage & carrots.  I put them all in my instapot and made soup and used the hand blender to make a smooth stew that tastes really good,  so good that I put the coliflower and carrots in to make another soup, not sure how those vegetables mingle but I will eat it and feel very good hoping that the bladderbitch approves.


late note….no she did not approve, i think it was the leeks! damnation!

HAPPY EASTER from New Mexico

1WuXVzgCTn6RHOYGxBxwUw_thumb_28a3It’s late in the day to wish you Happy Easter, you probably  have been to  church or met up with the ‘easter bunny by now.  Do you have family traditions you follow?  Since leaving Panama we haven’t  celebrated holidays as we did.

I just came home from the group here in the rv park, they have a special meal to celebrate the holidays with a pot luck dinner.  I usually just bring wine.  Cooking is a challenge just for myself, much less able to prepare something special for the group.  Pretty lazy right, I just serve myself a small plate to compensate for my laziness.  It’s a nice group of people but even here there are hurt feelings between residents, I guess it’s like any small town, everybody knows everything about everyone’s coming and going’s     I find it best to mind my own business. Works for me being the loner I am now with few social graces…….I snuck out without even an adios, rude, but I did say I was sneeking out early to those at the door does that count?  No, I’ll apologize when I go to pay my rent.

Tomorrow morning I’ll go to Elephant Butte to have some work done on GG, a new coating for the roof and a few other minor concerns and help I need, at least I don’t need work on the propane as that problem is resolved. I’m having a problem filling my fresh water tank I saw somthing on utube about this and seems like an easy fix, I need to sanitize it and fill with water, the water just flows right back out as it’s filling, some sensor I guess and how the heck does one add bleach, with a syringe??  I want my new faucet installed, hope what I have works and a ledge  created for my painted Mexica pot to sit on. I’ll have to pack up everything again.

I may make a quick trip to north Texas,  I guess I’ll go in my smart car as I don’t have a trailer  to tow the car  behind the RV yet,   I didn’t expect to go anywhere so soon. I don’t remember wind being a concern in Tx but now I get weather updates for high winds in Plano, important info for either the RV or smart car. I can leave the RV here no problem.  Oh Oh I don’t have my new plates for the smart car, they are in Plano ‘TX, think I can take the plate off the RV for the trip? Or have them send here before I go anywhere. Yes I’ll get my son to send them to me now, what if something happened and I had the wrong plate, could be a problem!


I am quite Pleased with Myself

I don’t understand it but some people read what I write! I think that’s really nice that I still have words people sometimes read. Especially as many times I have trouble finding my words and have to go around the back for it to come out sounding anything like what I wanted to say. and you know about my spelling problem, sometimes I wait for the word to appear and sometimes the word arrives looking odd, sometimes I let it go and let you try to figure out what I mean. So thanks, it makes me want to write more when I think someone may read what I write and wonder about who I am………..because I’ve noticed that people other than family and friends read here. Thanks to the RV community and the interest in GG, I’ve gained a few fans…….fans no really I’m not getting fans, who said anything about fans? Readers, I’ve gained a few readers. I’m sure they just read the GG notes, probably not interested in an old lady’s thoughts. It’s better this way, don’t read my notes about Panama, no really that was years ago and how I survived the Peace Corp is not important………..well yeah, nuff said about those years.

Also my art, not much interesting there though I did make some lovely note cards at one time. But really don’t try to read any personal notes, sometimes I embarrass myself with telling truths.

I’m not sure but it seems I write more quickly and easily after a glass or two of wine as I sit outside enjoying the evening, what say you?

Smile, I am.

I’m so Glad this Happened while Old

That My Skin issue started while I’m old,

It waited til I’m 76 tho it may have snuck in before without me noticing

I would have been very unhappy, well not too unhappy after all it’s just white spots on my hands, so far. And some on my arms. So far that’s about it, maybe some on my legs too that I had not noticed. I wonder if I’m turning white, starting at my fingers. but wait, I am white! I guess that when this happens to one of darker skin tones than mine it would be more distressing. yeah, for sure. Nothing to do about it, my body just decided to stop making whats needed to keep my skin fresh and not white spotted. Now I don’t wear rings so much, why call attention to my one defect? one and only unless ………..nah.

I just like this tote,I need to order it at zazzle soon


The scourge of restless legs/WED

I know that my sisters will agree with me that there is nothing we know of that beats the distress of having your legs convulse when you are resting or trying to sleep. There’s an anxiety you feel when it starts and you hope it will be distracted by moving about, which you must do as there is no way you can stand or sit still. This affects your quality of life. Imagine sitting in a movie and you shift yourself about trying to not disturb when finally you give up and leave your seat missing the movie yourself and who ever you are with. Or you are on a rode trip and you haven’t taken your meds, medication that supposedly helps but in the long run may only make it worse. I write this while swinging my right leg in the air and trying to balance my computer on my stomach cuz I want to write this now. Usually when I get it I feel it in just one leg (at at time)We take a medication to prevent this daily, some times it doesn’t work and we are left moving and shaking our legs, we know when either of us have it by the way we move our legs back and forth and shaking and we say ‘did you take your pill? Sometimes we have and still get the shakes and wiggles. You can imagine how it is for me with such limited space to move around in at least my sister has a house to roam

It’s a crawl-ly feeling in you get in your legs, a restless sensation that doesn’t allow you to ignore .Opiates help but who wants to take that step, while being an appropriate drug even if you agreed who would prescribe it in this ‘war on drugs’. If I feel desperate I’ll use my IC pain med for it but what if I need it for IC, which is worse pain of IC or RLS? Why do I have to chose between and what if I run out and can’t get a refill? Pain management has gone through many changes of late now of which are good for those needing pain management.

www.rls.orgRestless legs syndrome (RLS), also called Willis-Ekbom Disease, causes unpleasant or uncomfortable sensations in the legs and an irresistible urge to move them. Symptoms commonly occur in the late afternoon or evening hours, and are often most severe at night when a person is resting, such as sitting or lying in bed.

It could be worse right?

Can I Resin in my RV?

I had some small panels to paint on and thought to see if the old resin I have is still good. So I painted some of my fanciful flowers on the panels

Resin is tricky, at least for me, needs the right temperature, not too cold and if too warm starts reacting to fast. My small space is tough to find a level place where I don’t need the space to move them until they dry in about 12 hours. I see bubbles. None are masterpieces to be sure but probably sell-able at the flee market for a couple $$ or $. The painting of only colors I like and it’s a good size for an RV, I’ll probably keep it, looks nice on my cubby, maybe that is what I should do, just paint colors.

My green thumb is getting itchy. Not that I have one, it’s more of a wishfull-thinking-ness on my part but I do try. I feel I must. Not sure but I think I’d better get to planting my few seeds before it gets too hot, not sure what a summer is like here but I’d love to see some morning glories climbing up my RV. I need to get another long pot and I’ll use my paint esel (sorry I can’t spell right now) for them to climb on.

And oh yes I want another Mexican pot to use inside, I think I wrote about my idea to use one between my bed and my kitchen but now I’m thinking why not put another one along side the window for more stuff in an L shape. Maybe with a plant light I could even have some plants or herbs right there. Need to go back to Mexico soon……………when I have money. Anyone else still waiting for their tax refund?