I am quite Pleased with Myself

I don’t understand it but some people read what I write! I think that’s really nice that I still have words people sometimes read. Especially as many times I have trouble finding my words and have to go around the back for it to come out sounding anything like what I wanted to say. and you know about my spelling problem, sometimes I wait for the word to appear and sometimes the word arrives looking odd, sometimes I let it go and let you try to figure out what I mean. So thanks, it makes me want to write more when I think someone may read what I write and wonder about who I am………..because I’ve noticed that people other than family and friends read here. Thanks to the RV community and the interest in GG, I’ve gained a few fans…….fans no really I’m not getting fans, who said anything about fans? Readers, I’ve gained a few readers. I’m sure they just read the GG notes, probably not interested in an old lady’s thoughts. It’s better this way, don’t read my notes about Panama, no really that was years ago and how I survived the Peace Corp is not important………..well yeah, nuff said about those years.

Also my art, not much interesting there though I did make some lovely note cards at one time. But really don’t try to read any personal notes, sometimes I embarrass myself with telling truths.

I’m not sure but it seems I write more quickly and easily after a glass or two of wine as I sit outside enjoying the evening, what say you?

Smile, I am.

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