“You know Mom , that car is not made to use on highways…..”

I just completed my long trip to Plano TX to see what I could do to help my sister after her rough bout in the hospital.  The car did fine but the wind  did make it a tiny bit shakey, I  held onto the wheel tight when the wind blew gusts  or when the 18 wheelers flew by.  It was fine until my google map app  stopped  giving me verbal directions in Ft Worth I got turned around for awhile.  No worries I just let my son know I was delayed and filled my gas tank just in case I had to wander  about before my directions  made sense.

I probably should have stopped to sleep so that I would not have to find my way in the dark but if I had not gotten turned around I would have arrived at 8 pm which I thought was a good time to arrive it not being dark until then.  I don’t like driving in the dark especailly when not familiar with where I’m going.  I think most old ladies would feel the same about it.  I left GG at home having her roof painted and possibly some work done on her exterior. I am trusting my new friends to not drive off with GG while I’m gone as they have the keys to everything I own.

I’ll take a different way back home, I didn’t like driving through parts of west TX because of the oil smells  and boring flat scenery and I don’t remember that being a problem when I left here, must have taken a different route then.

So I’m back in TX for a week or so staying with my son who asks “how long” and spending my days helping Shar who needs a super bland diet making a grocery list for Carl to buy bland groceries.

Shar has all the stuff I couldn’t take in GG so it’s fun to see my stuff without needing to pack it up, and chose a few things, some of my books, and my Panama Birds Mola (it will look great in the RV) and some fabric to play with. And  a few more books.