Restless legs update

Because I’ve noticed that my post on augmentation has been read recently I thought I should follow up. Since stopping both the elavil and requip I no longer have symptoms of restless legs with few exceptions. It wasn’t easy and it took a good three months of misery to detox but I’m very thankful that I persisted and hope this gives someone encouragement though I don’t suggest anyone try to do it without good support and medical advise.

Life has been busy

Richard has been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. He got zapped and that stopped it for awhile, but it’s a wait and see kind of issue, unhappily he didn’t leave the hospital without a infection from his IV site, so he has that to deal with too.

We are old, stuff happens, we just take care of each other the best we can every day. I’ve got some gardens started and that makes me get out to dig in the soil and water my seedlings, and that is good for my anxiety and my body, even though it complains.

I’m learning to cook a little, seems Richard likes most anything but I’m not used to meal planning, I’m taking a basic online class about steaming, roasting vegetables as we are trying to stick to a plant based diet with a few exceptions, eggs and fish. I’ve made a few messes, we eat them anyway !

I tried to add a few photos here but my iPad got stuck so maybe they’ll be here or maybe not


Now I’m a Texan!

6 thoughts on “Restless legs update

  1. Sure hoping Richard’s infection is cleared up by now.
    Your plants, and YOU, look wonderful! Good for you on your cooking adventures!

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  2. You look great Kate. Texas agrees with you. Glad the RLS is under control. Richard ‘s health will be also, under your care.

    Peace Joy and Love

    Gail 🦋

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