Today I went to Mexico

and bought some beautiful pottery. I am settling in here, bought some plants and a beautiful planter for the nasturtium and zinnia seeds I bought, not sure how they will grow here in the land of cactus but why not. It was a pleasant day spent with new friends. Driving back from Mexico we took the scenic route and it was mountains and valleys and ghost towns that I will need to go back to take photos to share. All together a great time. I had my first (two) margaritas, my first despite living in margarita-land but not the last.

I’ve made some changes to GG. I removed my stove, I decided that an open flame was not safe for one as absent minded as I, so a friend pulled it out and we found a cabinet in a junky place that fit in the space almost perfectly. I just need to paint some trim black to match the cabinet and I’ve painted the counter glossy black and plan to resin the counter at some point but it looks fine as it is right now, not sure how long it will remain so with use but resin is an option. So no stove but now I have a convection oven/ fryer and a induction cook top none of which have I learned to use yet, and which honestly look a bit out of place in my old GG! I’ve lost a little bit of space because I used the top of the stove for storage, but I’ ll rearrange the space and it will be fine. I’m loving my GG! I made a back splash with my tiles, and added some to my entry, I am indeed the tile lady. Too much? I think they add insolation. and soon it will be getting warm here.

This photo shows how it looks now but I have a few things that I need to finish before I’m through with my kitchen, then on to finish on my bath room space, it’s so small I can’t call it a room! I saw Mexican painted sink bowls today and one day I’ll go back with my sink measurements because I want one in my espacito.