Hello UpDates

I’m writing a new ‘Hello’ post today because I have neglected my blog for awhile and life is moving along even faster than ever these days.

I’ve written here and there about my plan to live in a rv and it has almost finally happened.

I have a 1991  22 ft Tioga Montera RV that I have rejuvenated for the last 4-5 months and finally we are ready to hit the road destinations unknown.

It has taken this long for me to feel comfortable with my old RV and she needs a name to go along with all her new dudes.  I’m still working on the interior but it has been so hot I can’t get her looking spiffy without getting heat stroke unless I’m hooked up to electricity and for that I need to go to a campground.  Still learning about propane  and where to get it and all about the gray and the black tanks, not a problem once learned and everything works as it should.  We are almost there.

In trying to expect any problems on the road I’ve been busy getting the insurance and roadside assist and I have 6 different apps on my phone to help me find my way.  I thought to go ahead and get any dental work done before I left and that turned out to be an upper denture. OMG that hurt like hell and it’s taking me longer than I expected to heal and tolerate the thing in my mouth.  It may not have been my best choice but now there is no going back.  Finally seeing a light at the end of the trial because it doesn’t hurt as much today as it did yesterday.

I have added a backup camera, a solar panel (I’d like a couple more) a video cam, an extra AC, all sorts of water hoses and other hoses and tools and am hopeful that I am well ready for everything but a blowout.  Tires are ok for now.

Thoughts for a name?

Up dating the update!




Conversations with my Muse


Do you think one can come to be so touched by words that a relationship is formed without knowing whose words they are?

I wonder because I feel energy in  these words  and I wonder if everyone who reads them words falls in love with the writer.

Or is it me?

Have I been aroused from my sleep to realize my days are getting shorter.               

Am I satisfied how I am living them,

Will I regret not reaching for more……..



APC_0024.jpgAs we age,  we look, feel and act differently than we did when younger,  do we have lower expectations of ourselves as we get older.?

I wonder about it because I’m not sure

I find myself diminished by my age.

I try to greet that old woman in the mirror with a smile, just before I put my teeth in my mouth and scold myself for the  need of a bridge

I’m having trouble finding myself.

Who am I now in this phase of life, no longer a nurse, no longer a spouse, a mother not needed and even in the way, without a lover or friend.

A time to contemplate and refresh, but I find myself filling my hours with busyness.

I like my busy-ness, I like making, but is it an escape from thinking  and making decisions?

I have a comfortable space with no real problems but those I invent in my mind.

Torn between staying in my comfort zone or reaching out for more, more opportunity more social interaction, more satisfaction, or remain where I am, where I can help my daughter  while my soul dies quietly in the basement,

Here is Where I will Tell my Stories

they are Not always pleasant stories

I sometimes make rude comments

` and I refuse to say I’m sorry when I’m not really sorry


Life is not always pleasant.

Life is what we do.


or conveniently.

yes, I’m an old lady

only a touch of despair appears on occasion when I am reminded

that I am an old lady.

Not being noticed can be  positive.

It gives you the freedom to choose who you want to be,

you set your own limits,

live out your fantasy of who you are, who you want to be

not who you are expected to be.

Not having to answer to anyone but yourself can be a huge opportunity for change at this time in (my) life

No one can take your  power

unless you allow it to be  taken from you.

Be strong ladies.

And dance.

The Problem with Old Folks

The problem with old folks

is that not everything works as it should.

or did

I don’t only mean the brain

which can become  unscrewed

 and need IMG_0261rewiring

Other parts get used up.

Some parts can be replaced,

others repaired

but nothing works as well as it did

hearing aides, eye glasses and dentures are part of the norm

after a certain age

Spare parts become available

at great human cost,

the death of one can bring new  life for another

One day no doubt

there will be more new miracle fixes

for us old folks

but please pass me by so that

I can get onto my next life time.

Mi Professor

Mi Professor

Su Devoción

Su Energia

Su Modo Positivo de Pensar

Su pasión de la Vida

Sus palabras “Piensa mas grande, Katy”

(Palabras que yo paso a mis nietos)

Recordado con Frequencia con una Sonrisa

Lastimente Perdido

Mi  Amigo.

Te mando saludos, donde seas amigo.