The scourge of restless legs/WED

I know that my sisters will agree with me that there is nothing we know of that beats the distress of having your legs convulse when you are resting or trying to sleep. There’s an anxiety you feel when it starts and you hope it will be distracted by moving about, which you must do as there is no way you can stand or sit still. This affects your quality of life. Imagine sitting in a movie and you shift yourself about trying to not disturb when finally you give up and leave your seat missing the movie yourself and who ever you are with. Or you are on a rode trip and you haven’t taken your meds, medication that supposedly helps but in the long run may only make it worse. I write this while swinging my right leg in the air and trying to balance my computer on my stomach cuz I want to write this now. Usually when I get it I feel it in just one leg (at at time)We take a medication to prevent this daily, some times it doesn’t work and we are left moving and shaking our legs, we know when either of us have it by the way we move our legs back and forth and shaking and we say ‘did you take your pill? Sometimes we have and still get the shakes and wiggles. You can imagine how it is for me with such limited space to move around in at least my sister has a house to roam

It’s a crawl-ly feeling in you get in your legs, a restless sensation that doesn’t allow you to ignore .Opiates help but who wants to take that step, while being an appropriate drug even if you agreed who would prescribe it in this ‘war on drugs’. If I feel desperate I’ll use my IC pain med for it but what if I need it for IC, which is worse pain of IC or RLS? Why do I have to chose between and what if I run out and can’t get a refill? Pain management has gone through many changes of late now of which are good for those needing pain management.

www.rls.orgRestless legs syndrome (RLS), also called Willis-Ekbom Disease, causes unpleasant or uncomfortable sensations in the legs and an irresistible urge to move them. Symptoms commonly occur in the late afternoon or evening hours, and are often most severe at night when a person is resting, such as sitting or lying in bed.

It could be worse right?

Can I Resin in my RV?

I had some small panels to paint on and thought to see if the old resin I have is still good. So I painted some of my fanciful flowers on the panels

Resin is tricky, at least for me, needs the right temperature, not too cold and if too warm starts reacting to fast. My small space is tough to find a level place where I don’t need the space to move them until they dry in about 12 hours. I see bubbles. None are masterpieces to be sure but probably sell-able at the flee market for a couple $$ or $. The painting of only colors I like and it’s a good size for an RV, I’ll probably keep it, looks nice on my cubby, maybe that is what I should do, just paint colors.

My green thumb is getting itchy. Not that I have one, it’s more of a wishfull-thinking-ness on my part but I do try. I feel I must. Not sure but I think I’d better get to planting my few seeds before it gets too hot, not sure what a summer is like here but I’d love to see some morning glories climbing up my RV. I need to get another long pot and I’ll use my paint esel (sorry I can’t spell right now) for them to climb on.

And oh yes I want another Mexican pot to use inside, I think I wrote about my idea to use one between my bed and my kitchen but now I’m thinking why not put another one along side the window for more stuff in an L shape. Maybe with a plant light I could even have some plants or herbs right there. Need to go back to Mexico soon……………when I have money. Anyone else still waiting for their tax refund?



Remember that we removed the stove last week? the gas stove? Well it seems that during the removal the gas detector thing that is on the floor at the entrance was bumped and got turned off and none of us realized it. These guys, my neighbors tried every way to figure it out . In the end what happened is what is supposed to happen if the alarm is turned off, it cuts the gas, a safety device. Do I really have to learn everything by my mistakes? Seems so. So many thanks to these RV guys and now won’t have to feel like an idiot when I take GG in for other concerns I have. I guess I should ask the guys if they mind me using their photos here, it’s mostly their backs, doubt you know them right?

So slightly embarrassed but glad I found out what that alarm thing is for! I knew it would alarm is gas was detected but not that when turned off it turns off the gas. Good to know!