Wind, Fire, Heat, Our Mother is Angry!

We have treated her so badly, when will we learn? is it too late?

For my grandchildren and great grands and the universe I hope we figure it out soon.

All is good here in Caballo, no close fires, but the air is full of allergens. Spring is here with all the blooming trees, yea, my eyes and nose for the first time ever are uncomfortable and weepy.

And the wind beats my plants and garden up. We have tried a few things, covering up with plastic sheeting wasn’t real successful, the wind tore it up, we just got another fabric-like stuff with clips and will try that next, when the wind drops later today, always hopeful.

Charley has been barking more than usual, that is troublesome. I hate to do this but he needs to learn not to bark when we get ready for a walk, the whole park knows when it’s time to go to the park which is when he is most noisy, so I got a bark collar from amazon made in China and the instructions are impossible to decifer, I hope JP can figure it out for me because it makes no sense! Only want to use it to teach him, I don’t want to scare him, wish me luck!

JP is still across the street, we’ve thought of so many ways to get him in here but I’m reluctant to go to her as I think she has some issues, she 84, and I could make it worse. Latest idea is to offer cash in advance, might try that!

Usually the wind is not so great until afternoon, so I get up early to clean my patio and water plants and garden, then the wind starts and undoes my work so I can get up early and do it all again the next morning. The exercise keeps me slim with sunswept dry skin, am using sunscreen but even my wrinkles are tan! We are eating almost only vegetables and berries and beer. So healthy, we want to live a long time!

And living very good for two old foggies living in separate but equal-ish spaces which we plan to keep as is, we both value our time and quiet space and like to choose when we want to spend time together, eat together, listen to music and cuddle.

Notice how many we’s are in here?

All Good!


I heard myself say the other day,

we were doing something together and stopped mid sentence to smile, we have become a we! I love this man! We are so good together, but I won’t bore you with lovers details just some of the good stuff happening in GG., like my new cooking space!

I need to change the back splash but now I have more counter space and we’ll get that finished up easily, we love it! He loves to fix things, He he’s updated my electrical outlets, now I can cook more than one thing at a time without tripping anything and losing power, this is great and now I’ll learn to cook on this new cooktop whose indicators are unusual, and the instructions interesting, yes, made in China, nutrichef dual induction cooktop with a fry function,steam function and water function, all have 8 temperatures, how they actually differ will be investigated as I learn to use it.

That’s not all that’s happening with GG, my resined table looks great and stuff has been reorganized yet again, I love it, and Spring is finally here, the land is greening up, my garden and plants look good and all those seeds I’ve planted are starting to peak thru the soil. I’m hopeful! We’ve had some very strong winds recently and fires but thankfully so far we ve been lucky to just have our stuff tossed about, no fires close by.

I’m looking for sazón Goya con culantro y achiote. I don’t remember where I bought it but I added it to a dish that I took for Easter lunch and it turned out yummy , it gives the food a beautiful color, must get more, thought they’d have it at a store in Hatch but no, guess it’s not a Mexican food ingredient. Maybe Walmart, or Texas. We are eating so healthfully, purely vegetables fruit and fish, we want to live and enjoy life for a long time!… oh and vino!

Good stuff

Studio looks different, I’ll update soon, we’re going to add another loft on the other side to store art supplies.

My man still lives across the road, annoying situation but we manage to spend much of our time together and try not to wake anyone with our comings and goings. Still, annoying.

Ciao, having fun here!

It’s True, Life is Good

When I’m happy I find no time to write here, and I’ve been very happy, satified and content for the past month!

Not sure when that happened before!

I wasn’t sad or unhappy I just didn’t know better and then the happiness factor  kicked in with the arrival of my good friend and lover John Paul.  We are like two peas in a pod, we like the same music, read the same books, admire the same people and always respect each other’s memories. The heck with politics!

The fact that he still lives across the road is irritating but I still hope that Cj will come across for us, the fact that he is not already here is just plain stupid and she is not a stupid woman, a little difficult and not always kind but she is the owner and can do whatever serves her purpose.

We had been working…, John Paul (JP from now on here) has been working and fixing stuff that don’t work right or at all.  He fixed the lights outside in the patio, moves shelves in the studio for me to make it more pleasant to work in,  We replaced the table in GG so now we can sit and have a nice meal, the red resin looks great on the table, we had our first meal on it last night.

Our only plan is to  live this last decade having fun, and not let the world around us interfere too much in our lives.

He has a better bed than I do, and a better stove and an awning on his rig,and a beard and I have a better site, a studio, GG , Charley and a garden.

I cook on only one burner and my multipurpose oven.  We’ve planned a better kitchen set up for me, another burner, oh my, does that mean I’ll have to learn to cook?  I’ve had this great excuse for lazy cooking, I can only cook one thing at a time or blow a fuse.  He knows electric power limitations on RV’s and will probably solve that problem and then I’ll be able to produce a meal of more than one course!

He also gave me a great haircut, such a talented man.,


Live every day, have no regrets!

I slept in his bed!

And why is this noteworthy or even appropriate to share?

Because I am an insomniac. Sleep is hard won for me. That’s it, I’m not sharing any more but life is good for these two old folks living across the street from each other.

Today he fixed my speakers I was ready to toss, now good as new and quite a few things around here now actually work as advertised. I think I may has just won something bigger than the lottery, a friend and lover who can fix stuff, and who loves to do “stuff” and loves music and animals and me.

I’ll try to write of other stuff too!

For example I sold a piece of art last week for $425! I was shocked, didn’t remember I had anything at that price in the gallery. I don’t have photos of it but it was on a long wood piece like a totem, very colorful, I’d sent one like it to my grandson, I think I covered it in resin. I painted it a while ago, nice surprise! My peace painting is now in the window, I’m hopeful it will sell well, the price listed is $250.

I’m waiting for evenings to warm up so I can resin the table I’d taken out of the rv as now I’d like to be able to set a table inside. I’m afraid if I rush it the resin won’t set if it’s not warm enough. An unfinished project, and the leg needs replacement, but now I have help to fix it!


Love my haircut thanks JP! we have matching ears!

Love in the 80’s

What does new love look like in your later years ?

Less ups and downs more smooth and easy moments, hmmm( I said moments not movements). More give and take, less fuss and bother. We have decisions to make, where to live, should I plant a garden or not, what about the studio, move it or sell it. Move into town or stay close by? The woman could expedite all that by simply letting JohnPaul stay here but that isn’t likely to happen so we need to make a plan. I think I’d like to move into town or closer to town so we could be more involved with community activities.

But the biggest decision is whether or not his political beliefs are going to be a huge issue for me, right now they are hard for me to hear or believe that this man is so sure about what he learns on the dark web. I don’t know if I can just ignore this His comments are just deplorable to me and I always ask his sources which he says he reads all kinds of stuff from many sources. So do I but I don’t find the same negative information about the government that he does. I’m sorry that this is such a big deal for me, but my family would be astonished to learn his beliefs and that I’d be ok with it We are all political whether we show it on the outside or not, it defines us in some way whether we like it or not!

So the real question becomes move and lose my good neighbors and the expenses related to a move and be close to him or not move at all? Possibly move later to see how the relationship grows here and wait for an opening here? I’m not sure how much it will cost to move the studio, how much the place we move to will cost us and I have a tax bill to pay . Don’t want to make an expensive decision wrong.


My Peace painting

How many peace signs can you find? I like how this came together, will take it to the gallery this week, proceeds will be a donation for the people of Ukraine. Via UNICEF I guess. it’s a large painting, I took my time and it has multiple layers of paint, what do you think? can you see a story in it?

Could Me and He Become a “We”

I’ve commented here and there that in my marriage I often felt we were often just a he and a she, rarely a we, and now at this late date maybe………

My man from Colorado John Paul is here.and he is living right across the street, for now.

We will probably have to move somewhere because CJ (owner) is being a hard ass about the fact the JP wasn’t able to arrive when he said he would, a situation that was out of his hands. I think she holds onto her power over her tenents very unfairly and doesn’t like me much.

We’ve been spending time together, walking, shopping, talking a lot, and some cuddling which felt very nice……….it’s been a long time since I was cuddled. We have common interests and despite some strong disaggreements, we can find common ground and ignore the rest. Why waste our time, which is not much time, on disagreements on politics which we have no control over.

There are few pretensions left as we admit to advancing agedness, we are both in our 80th year, I’m older, just a few months, and all that aging entails, our health, our fortunes, and our families, so I’m paying attention to what matters right now, and right now a sharp intellect, patience, a kind and loving heart for all sentient beings, plus the strength to look for love again creats a powerful attraction.

Our appearance may not be as appealing as it once was, (droopy, wrinkled, soft and dentured) sophistication and superficiality has little value for our next 20 years!

So while we may not be the beautiful couple we might have been years ago and we have limited time left to share, maybe it wasn’t our time until now..

And now we want it all!

And we are going to give it our best shot!

Bravo for us.

I’ll add a photo soon

On-line dating !

And now we want it all!


I’m learning more and more about this man, he’s articulate, kind, helpful and all that is negated by one finding.   Politically we are on oposite ends of a long spectrum with no likelihood of understanding each others views.  Some of his are so at odds of how I think that it leads me to question being  able to have a friendship.

I just found this out today listening to him in conversation  with another who agreed with him that the  President Biden  is dead  of a stroke and a look-alike is leading the country.  I asked if he really believed that and he said yes.  I was surprized the other person and apparently others in the community agree this is how the country is being run, by stand-ins.  I do not talk politics with anyone here and the thought of moving grows great.

So now I’ve introduced him to the community so he will have friends here, shown him where to get groceries, the mail and propane.  He chose to move here to get out of the cold and snow and he has done that, I am now not part of the plan,

Now to tell him that, so much easier to tell you here first.  Got thoughts?  He isn’t the one  for me, I knew that right away but thought to be kind, be a friend, introduce him to the area, but now I think I’ve got to make it clear to him that we have some insurmountable differences.  I hate confrontation, unpleasant, maybe I can just slow down my help to him and he’ll understandd without my needing to say anything? Maybe.

Future life Planning- happening’s

Colorado man has arrived. His late arrival lost him his place here and CJ was rude to him as she can often be, but no problem, he found a spot across the street and is just fine. He is a sweet man still with a comb over but he compromised and shaved off half of it, just like that. He has a wonderful smile.

Why do I so dislike comb overs? I think it shows a lack of confidence when a man can’t accept the inevitable bald head. I think of a MD I knew, a fine man with a long combover that he didn’t need and would have looked fine without it. But what we woman do to ourselves is no doubt more intensive than any comb over so I should probably keep my thoughts to myself! Besides I think my hair may be thinning.

So my man is here. What next? We’ll be friends I’m sure, we’ll learn more about each other, to see if we like each other, as we see each other in person rather than via texts. We’ll meet the gang here in the park, I sense a lot of curiosity in the campground and Sunday we’ll go to a brunch across the street where he’ll be introduced as a friend from Colorado and we’ll go from there,. Is he “the one”? Time will tell.

I have another man to meet who lives in NM, so not so difficult to set up a lunch with next week. He is a man very actively looking at my profile so I’m complicating my life but what to do, it’s my next chapter , I’m planning my future, as they are theirs.