Restless legs update

Because I’ve noticed that my post on augmentation has been read recently I thought I should follow up. Since stopping both the elavil and requip I no longer have symptoms of restless legs with few exceptions. It wasn’t easy and it took a good three months of misery to detox but I’m very thankful that I persisted and hope this gives someone encouragement though I don’t suggest anyone try to do it without good support and medical advise.

Life has been busy

Richard has been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. He got zapped and that stopped it for awhile, but it’s a wait and see kind of issue, unhappily he didn’t leave the hospital without a infection from his IV site, so he has that to deal with too.

We are old, stuff happens, we just take care of each other the best we can every day. I’ve got some gardens started and that makes me get out to dig in the soil and water my seedlings, and that is good for my anxiety and my body, even though it complains.

I’m learning to cook a little, seems Richard likes most anything but I’m not used to meal planning, I’m taking a basic online class about steaming, roasting vegetables as we are trying to stick to a plant based diet with a few exceptions, eggs and fish. I’ve made a few messes, we eat them anyway !

I tried to add a few photos here but my iPad got stuck so maybe they’ll be here or maybe not


Now I’m a Texan!

Sneezes, Bra’s and Stinging Nettles

Sneezed, I don’t mind sneezes, if they don’t mean I ‘m getting a cold or have a cold, they help clear your sinuses, three in a row is not excessive but it reminds me of something I read a while back, I may be misremembering, but back in Victorian times the ladies used to sniff pepper to make themselves sneeze. It was considered a mini orgasm, where you lose control, who controls a sneeze? You just can’t control a sneeze, you barely have time to grab a tissue or bury it in your elbow. Poor ladies!


I guess I put my bra on inside out the other day. My boobs kept falling out, not entirely unpleasant but realized something was amiss and checked it out the second day wearing the damn item more carefully and everything stayed in. I hate wearing a bra but when my circumstances changed and I felt I had to conform I went out shopping with my sister for bras at Macy’s in the mall.

Immediately encountered problems, right chest size, right cup size, lovely expensive bras but I failed to fill the cup! That’s what happens to 80 year old boobs, unless you have prepared with inflationary measures. the bra cup nearly turned itself inside out, not an attractive look. I bought a few bras, anyone that can fill them is welcome to them. I moved on to JC Penny with no greater success, but bought a couple, on to Target bought a couple that I thought would work and are more comfortable until it rides up under my arms leaving my poor boobies hanging under or even more interestingly above the bra.


Finally Walmart tees under a shirt! I have gathered quite a collection of uncomfortable bras, I’ll wear one now and again when it’s cold a droopy nipple is not attractive but I found it didn’t matter what I wore under my shirt when I wore a smile on my face.


It’s 5 am and I haven’t been to sleep. I have sleep anxiety, nothing but going to bed when I’m sleepy seems to help, if I don’t go to bed while sleepy, say 9-10 pm, I wake up too much and spend the night watering the plants and moving furniture. You’d think there is a simple fix, go to bed when sleepy but I love to sleep with my night owl, one who takes naps, but I can’t nap, it doesn’t happen for me. We need to get up soon, it’s already 6am, I’m not ready to greet the day but day is almost here.

I have enjoyed the Texas wild flowers, we have blue bonnets and a lovely white blooming weed called stinging nettles on the property. We also have stickers that really really hurt trying to get them off your shoes and clothes, tip….use a comb.

Holiday Greetings 2022-23

I was happy in Caballo New Mexico in GG with my studio, my garden and park pals for 4 years. Life was good. But it was time to turn the page, look for something new, maybe even find love. So I did as so many lonely people do, I tried online dating and found Richard in Texas.

He thought that artsy woman in Caballo seemed interesting, and there you go!

Who is Richard Currie?

Besides being a kind and loving man, he is a life-long entrepreneur, business man, family man,man of science and composer of great music. My Renaissance man.Our goal is to stay healthy, live long and take loving care of each other without change in our legal status because who cares!

So GG has a new place to park,Charlie gets to chase the deer,and never wear a leash and I have plenty of space to spread paint and a somewhat larger kitchen!

Home sweet home

We hope you have a Wonderful New Year full of Love, Peace,Hope and Kindness

Kate and Richard


I know it’s been awhile…….

I’ve been very busy in my new life in Adkins Texas.

A quick recap of the last 6 months

Awhile back I decided to do something about my single status and joined a dating site for silver singles, I met a very nice guy, you remember Colorado man, it didn’t work out for us fortunately, because after that discouraging episode I got back on another site and met Richard in June. We wrote and talked on the phone until SEPTEMBER WHEN I DECIDED TO BITE THE BULLET, and move to Texas while keeping GG close by just in case I needed to skidaddle. No skidaddling happening here. I now live in a lovely home a bit larger than GG, she could easily fit into my dining room! This is a photo of a bit of my living room.

I’ve had fun rearranging everything, rearranging Richards life, his furniture, his Knick knacks, and trying to make it feel like home for us….adding lots of plants has helped me feel less homesick for my friends in Caballo.

Charley fits right in, hasn’t worn a leash since we got here. But the best part of the move is not the large beautiful home, the best part is definitely the man. Generous, gracious, kind, loving, all describe my Richard. I am very fortunate and do my best to deserve my good luck and am happy to say that he feels the good luck is his.

Home sweet home!

Lots to tell you!

The studio is sold, I’ll believe it when it rolls away but a young couple is getting the money together as I write this now, they expect to take it not far from here and live in it! I put it on Facebook and have had about ten calls for it, I didn’t expect it, it’s really a good deal for them and a relief for me.

Sold my car too! I need to wait for the title to arrive and fix a small brake issue this week, do my errands then call the buyer to come to pick it up.

Monday I have an appointment to get GG ready for travel, pick up my art at the gallery and off we go to Adkins Texas, 10 hours driving to finally meet my man Richard.

No worries, he has been vetted by friends and family and especially me and comes out true, honest and thoroughly lovable. I’ll have a good space to work on my brushstrokes and won’t miss my studio at all.

We’ll drive up to meet my family in Dallas area, I’ll fly to the wedding in South Carolina ,and return to Dallas and finally home to Adkins with either my sis or son to meet my new Home Sweet Home. We are so excited about these new possibilities!

Getting rid of my stuff has been a joy, I’ve never felt so light and free of the weight of Stuff. Giving it all away brings a smile to the face of both the receiver and me, hoping I’ll be remembered as a generous friend not easily forgotten…plus I wrote cards with my new address on them!

JP has been a great help to me during these days, surprised? All good, forgiven and forgotten, he filled up his dumpster with my junk saving me a dozen trips to town with trash. And shared a few glasses of wine and conversation. I’ve made friends and met some fine people while living here and hope we keep in touch, of course I’ve invited them all to visit!

Onward, to the next chapters of my life

Opening new chapters in your life can both scary and exhilarating. So do you chose to be scared or chose exhilaration? it’s either the dumbest thing I’ve ever done or the smartest, I chose to be exhilarated.

My studio is up for sale and when I finally get it cleared out it will be gone. My art supplies, except for my good paints and a few things, go to a friend’s granddaughter, a budding artist. Everything else must go as I have promises that on the other end of my travel there is a studio being prepared for me with new supplies as needed


This time frame is getting close, once the studio and my car are sold, nothing really keeps me here..except to gift some stuff to friends .Rather than tow my car in a trailer ($1200) I’m selling it and will look for a car in Tx

We haven’t met face to face yet!

that was supposed to happen when I went to Dallas in late September , now we agreed that a face to face is not necessary because we’ve shared so much already, he reads here so you know he knows all of me! It’s a nine hour drive from here to there, longer in the rv. I am keeping GG, my security belt, if all does not turn out as we expect, I’ll keep on keeping on traveling light.

time is passing, and we want to enjoy the time we have, we’re both in good health, mutually open to this new style finding a partner, feeling fortunate we found each other. He is my trophy dude.

I should probably thank Colorado man for dumping me! He made me want more. More love, more companionship be part of a couple again, so although it was painful at first, and stupid secondly, I wouldn’t have met mr. wonderful or have the opportunities available to me now.

Keep me in your thoughts and send good vibes this way, please and thanks!

Change your thoughts, Change your life

Sin mas

Tomatoes, squash and basil

My garden and more

Finally getting some rain here! I’m drying some mini tomatoes, Not sure why but I have the idea that added herbs and oils to the dried tomatoes with garlic could be yummy so I’m experimenting couldn’t be bad right?

Listening to country music lately preparing for a trip to Texas in my near future. But before that I’m thinking about a detour to Mexico because so many neighbors have had good results with inexpensive dental care. I may do that asap! save thousands

Later entry next day or two…….

Evening sky tonight but no rain ….yet

Wondering what comes next.

Listening to tapes and videos about the hazards of immunization, nutrition and intuition and today got my free tarot cards that I have no idea what to do with but seemed to go along with everything else happening around me!

Fasting today on a smoothie I made with yogurt protein powder basil, raspberries spinach flax seed and kale. Not real tasty but Charley and I drank it all and nothing else but walnuts and some yummy pomegranate dark chocolate candy I discovered that absolutely must be good for us…..but not for Charley.

sin mas

I have high hopes for the future

Change your thoughts, change your life.

I’m doing a lot of positive thinking these days because I sense change is in my future. Positive change if I can trust and believe all I’m told, it’s what’s written on the wind, its a gust of fresh air and a new rainbow in the eastern sky. Okay I don’t know where that came from! I did see a rainbow this morning!

A new opportunity presents itself, I’m ready for change, I’ve closed one door for another to open. But it depends on so many factors I’m not in charge of so I can only be myself and hope that I can share the life of another free spirit chosen for me.

My plans change from day to day, I know what I want to happen, I want to be in love and be loved again truly and trusting and honestly. I’m ready to turn the page and start fresh with a new plan for my future hopefully not alone but if alone ready to create a new page in my diary always learning something new about myself and this world I’ve created. Something I just read…

If you are looking for someone to change your future, look in the mirror!

I’m looking deeply into other states of mind, intuition, astrology and even ordered some tarot cards which I won’t know what to do with, just opening my mind to other realities without censoring anything looking more closely to see if I’ve missed something useful, some unexpected knowledge that might benefit me or someone else., this man was recommended by CO man and is the best thing Ive gotten from him, besides fixing electrical gadgets, I highly recommend this blog to inform yourself about the state of our world and humanity. And what can be done to save us from a dying off of our planet earth.

Sin mas