My Peace painting

How many peace signs can you find? I like how this came together, will take it to the gallery this week, proceeds will be a donation for the people of Ukraine. Via UNICEF I guess. it’s a large painting, I took my time and it has multiple layers of paint, what do you think? can you see a story in it?


Could Me and He Become a “We”

I’ve commented here and there that in my marriage I often felt we were often just a he and a she, rarely a we, and now at this late date maybe………

My man from Colorado John Paul is here.and he is living right across the street, for now.

We will probably have to move somewhere because CJ (owner) is being a hard ass about the fact the JP wasn’t able to arrive when he said he would, a situation that was out of his hands. I think she holds onto her power over her tenents very unfairly and doesn’t like me much.

We’ve been spending time together, walking, shopping, talking a lot, and some cuddling which felt very nice……….it’s been a long time since I was cuddled. We have common interests and despite some strong disaggreements, we can find common ground and ignore the rest. Why waste our time, which is not much time, on disagreements on politics which we have no control over.

There are few pretensions left as we admit to advancing agedness, we are both in our 80th year, I’m older, just a few months, and all that aging entails, our health, our fortunes, and our families, so I’m paying attention to what matters right now, and right now a sharp intellect, patience, a kind and loving heart for all sentient beings, plus the strength to look for love again creats a powerful attraction.

Our appearance may not be as appealing as it once was, (droopy, wrinkled, soft and dentured) sophistication and superficiality has little place for our next 20 years!

So while we may not be the beautiful couple we might have been years ago and we have limited time left to share, maybe it wasn’t our time until now..

And now we want it all!

And we are going to give it our best shot!

Bravo for us.

We want it all!


I’m learning more and more about this man, he’s articulate, kind, helpful and all that is negated by one finding.   Politically we are on oposite ends of a long spectrum with no likelihood of understanding each others views.  Some of his are so at odds of how I think that it leads me to question being  able to have a friendship.

I just found this out today listening to him in conversation  with another who agreed with him that the  President Biden  is dead  of a stroke and a look-alike is leading the country.  I asked if he really believed that and he said yes.  I was surprized the other person and apparently others in the community agree this is how the country is being run, by stand-ins.  I do not talk politics with anyone here and the thought of moving grows great.

So now I’ve introduced him to the community so he will have friends here, shown him where to get groceries, the mail and propane.  He chose to move here to get out of the cold and snow and he has done that, I am now not part of the plan,

Now to tell him that, so much easier to tell you here first.  Got thoughts?  He isn’t the one  for me, I knew that right away but thought to be kind, be a friend, introduce him to the area, but now I think I’ve got to make it clear to him that we have some insurmountable differences.  I hate confrontation, unpleasant, maybe I can just slow down my help to him and he’ll understandd without my needing to say anything? Maybe.

Future life Planning- happening’s

Colorado man has arrived. His late arrival lost him his place here and CJ was rude to him as she can often be, but no problem, he found a spot across the street and is just fine. He is a sweet man still with a comb over but he compromised and shaved off half of it, just like that. He has a wonderful smile.

Why do I so dislike comb overs? I think it shows a lack of confidence when a man can’t accept the inevitable bald head. I think of a MD I knew, a fine man with a long combover that he didn’t need and would have looked fine without it. But what we woman do to ourselves is no doubt more intensive than any comb over so I should probably keep my thoughts to myself! Besides I think my hair may be thinning.

So my man is here. What next? We’ll be friends I’m sure, we’ll learn more about each other, to see if we like each other, as we see each other in person rather than via texts. We’ll meet the gang here in the park, I sense a lot of curiosity in the campground and Sunday we’ll go to a brunch across the street where he’ll be introduced as a friend from Colorado and we’ll go from there,. Is he “the one”? Time will tell.

I have another man to meet who lives in NM, so not so difficult to set up a lunch with next week. He is a man very actively looking at my profile so I’m complicating my life but what to do, it’s my next chapter , I’m planning my future, as they are theirs.


Played my first Wordal game today got it in 4 of the six try’s for cloth. Have you tried it yet? I like it, you only get to play once daily and apparently it has gained popularity real fast with people bragging their daily successes ( like I just did!)

I made it to Number 1 top winner braindoku, but now that I’ve won I doubt I’ll keep playing, no more challenge, unless someone over takes me, really for a challenge?

Well, the man from Colorado almost made it here last night, he’s about 90 miles away. The man is an flake. I hate to tell you what has stopped him, but you can’t go far without gas in the tank and money in your pocket. He is a flake, I have on occasion been a bit flaky myself, and I recognize the similarities, but you know what happens when you add flakes together, a Storm happens! The consequences of his delay are that he lost his spot in the park and I’m thinking that may not been a negative thing, and me thinking that, is another consequence

I’m just watching all this, no drama, he’ll find another spot somewhere if he ever leaves the gas station where he’s parked now. I feel sorry for him and all the troubles he has found himself in but he stays upbeat and not much frazzled as anyone might be. I guess it’s all in your attitude towards what life throws at you. I just have to smile a little.

He did achieve getting out of the Cold and the Snow , let’s see if he likes the Wind better.


High Winds in Caballo

We have to batten down the hatches as they say, because stuff is going to blow around today and for the next three days, but it’s warm and sunny and I’m so glad it’s not cold. In Chinese medicine it’s referred to as pernicious wind because of everything in the unhealthy air we breath, a mask would not be a bad idea. Today driving into town with the car window cracked I past some work being finished up on the highway and they’ve put something green on the ground that smells strong enough that it bothered my throat passing by it. I wonder what it is,Weed kill I suspect I wonder if the workers were protected applying it. The roads look great.

Colorado man should be here next week, he hasn’t been dismayed by my suspicions and has valid explanations for my concerns so I’ll be glad to see him. I’m not enthusiastic about continuing this search for the perfect man, maybe he’ll find me, I’m still on the site but distances are long and I’m busy living right now right here, one possibility has quit looking which is too bad as I enjoyed his writing and another says to let him know if Colorado man turns out to be an ass hole. Sweet!

This problem I have with Charley is really my problem I admit that I am sometimes a little lazy about keeping him on his leash for his morning dash across the street to pee. Usually he will run out pee and run back because he wants to share our morning ensure, chocolate regular not extra protein cuz we don’t like it, and go back to bed in my bed under the blankets to sleep a bit longer. But today he bolted out before I could get out to monitor the activity and didn’t come back for 10-15 minutes. I wasn’t going to get dressed and go looking for him he always comes home when he’s done something where he shouldn’t and CJ will have spotted him, Not good! So he finally appears all happy ready for sharing our ensure but surprise no ensure for Charley today! I don’t suppose he can relate that as consequences to his disappearance. I let his sleep in my bed and he was still up there when I got back from town asleep at noon.

Update Colorado man arrives late tomorrow night hungry.

Empathy is the antidote to shame

Beene Brown


Interesting Feedback & Thanks

An offer of a place to live for as long as I wish by a friend and advice to engage another female to share expenses by another.

But, I’m not just looking for a house to live in with all the usual appliances.

I want the whole package!

I want to love and be worshiped, isn’t that what everywoman wants really?

A house is only a small part of ones life unless you worship it instead of your relationship, There are some gorgeous rv’s out there where I could cook on four burners and sleep on a bed I don’t have to jump up to to get in and glide down.

So the comfort I’m looking for is not that hard to find, it’s the right man that is hard to find but truly if all I wanted was a house there are plenty of men golfing in Arizona looking for someone like me.

But I want it all the whole package, love and lust, creativity and harmony and lots of fun, and soon! Because you know, I’m getting older every year, and eventually I will have less to offer a man.

I don’t want just any man, I want a man who feels lucky to find me.I don’t know, maybe he’s from Colorado?

Have I shown you this painting? I’m hanging it on my neighbors shed that blocks my view of the mountains so when I walk out of my rv instead of a white shed I see my mountains, I may add some Spring leaves when I actually see some around here. Winter lasts much too long, I long for Spring.

This is what happens longing for Spring, I call it Spring fever but it’s not finished and aready doesn’t look like this, I’ve sanded it so all the other marks I’ve made here show. I thought to add peace symbols here and there, appropriate for our times.

I may have been too harsh

I hope so.

Time will tell, but what I think is bothering me is that although these 3 years in GG have been fine, I don’t think this is how I want to live for the rest of my days. I’d like some comforts. I’d like a nice bathroom with a big tub to soak in, I’d like to cook on more than one burner at a time. Life in an rv for a single woman is never really comfortable. What happens when I can’t climb up to my bed? I had an uncontrolled slide down the other day with bruises from my ankle to my knee, no real harm done and I have to just be careful but I’m at my “prime” now, how will I manage in a few more years? This causes me hesitation to accept a continuation of this life style, and I may have other options. I need to be open to other options, I am open to other options.

I’m sorry if I caused embarrassment or pain to my Colorado man who does plan to come here. It was his plan to move out of the cold and in talking decided he would move here so I don’t feel he has lost anything even if we don’t make plans together.

It has been beautiful today, but I’ve hardly been out, busy cleaning organizing and I made a big pot of vegetable soup that I will be eating for days.

I am sorry about the obnoxious ads you see here but I can write for free with them so that’s the way I’m going for now.

My sister needs to have her head shaved for some tests, I think I’ll shave mine in solidarity and hope my grey comes in without the silver fluff I’m seeing and can do nothing with., I’ll leave a bit around my face perhaps so it doesnt look too odd, but I see women all the time that shave their head and are happy with it. I’ve done it before, I wear a ball cap often so I won’t look much different.

Obviously I have nothing new to add here so I’ll just stop right here, and look for a photo to add.


I feel like I’ve been taken for a foolish woman, if you read here regularly you know I am referring to my online dating experience.

At least I have not been asked for money, but money is the issue, or lack of it. He has had one problem after another in his attempts to arrive here to Caballo and I’m not sure his coming here is a good idea if he has trouble paying his way, Even his photos are not really honest as a recent photo shows an unkept man with a comb over and messy beard. My photos were taken when I joined, I have wrinkled skin there is no doubt that I am 79 and looks are not too important when the rest of the story is up front and honest.We never discussed finances, maybe we should so he would know that I have enough for me and Charley and that is all I’ll ever have so he needs to be able to take care of his own finances. He has talked about buying different trucks and campers but I haven’t seen any evidence that he has actually bought anything as the pics are all from internet sources.

My daughter thinks I am too trusting.Perhaps I am. He is very articulate, educated and sent me flowers, I guess that doesn’t mean he is honest, or has good intentions, he has a good story, is it just a story? How does one know if it’s just his story?

What really upsets me is how I let this anxiety affect how I physically feel. I have pain for no good reason other than this anxiety I’m feeling and that makes me mad.

Now I have mistrust and suspicions not a good start for a relationship I’m not sure I want.

I’m sure he will not be happy to read this. He tells me he has a friend to give him money so he will be coming later maybe, I think he should forget about it and try with some one else and I’ll keep looking for an honest man

I don’t know how to make this photo smaller but this is untouched and without makeup me..