Life can move on smoothly until………….


Something messes up your savoir-faire,

your joie de vivre

your nosayque

and  leaves you wondering  que paso?

If such simple problems ( that I have) can lead to a lack of  no se que  then I am a simple soul in need of algo fuerte!

Just kidding, my world is just fine, I may be dented but  not broken.  (feel the drama !)

Car issues  DRIVE

RV roof issues with the escape of my $100, probably resolved when I find the guy!

Family issues  (all daughters are not  created the same)  

Illness  issues ( not mine for a change) are problematic right now, hopefully resolved asap

Why anyonewould chose to read this other than myself is beyond reason, this is what happens when I try to write everyday. without a topic in my mind, only the desire to write daily.

Or I could tell you about my daughters experience leaving Panama during her second check-in gropped boob account that left her in tears. But that is her story, not sure she wants to remember it or have me tell it, I’m sure she will direct her concern to someone in charge.

ya vamos………

So here I am, in Plano TX and my ‘Smart’ car won’t unpark, won’t drive………..

wt27ns0YSGGAHIo89IuxCA_thumb_1efaI guess I should be happy that it happened while parked in a mall parking lot and not on the road coming here. I’d finished shopping and was on to my sisters house but it would not shift out of PARK.  Somehow I got her into drive and made it to Sher’s house but after that there was no way to get her moving again.

How embarrassing for her to be lifted up and towed to the mercedes dealership for assessment of the problem, I’m thinking transmission, I’d wondered if it was working properly seemed to work too hard to get to another gear.

And how scared I am with my bicycle size budget and the mercedes size bill I expect.  When I bought this Smart Car I was concerned about repair costs so I added every kind of protection I could, so far I think I’m only responsible for $300 deductable.

I’ve only had the car since February!  Any suggestions?  Should I let car max know about it? Shouldn’t they have made sure the transmission was in good condition when they sold it?  Did I do something to damage it?  It was super  on the highways but the roads here in Plano are terrible on  this little car, I feel every bump in the road.

Meanwhile here I am sitting in my son’s apartment trying to deal with car problem and my sister’s not feeling  good today.  Tomorrow I’ll get a rental becasue I think she will need to see her Doctor. Or maybe a different Dr. She has had to teach this young MD about all the problems she has had and he is lucky she is has not considered  sueing because she has cause over and over again. Can you imagine that this office continues to ignor her calls? I would think that they would bend over backwards to please her.

I end this note with a feeling of frustration for me and my sister.