GG gets Serviced, next up, the Spa treatment

Here I am sitting in my rig while the mysterious inner workings of GG get a check up, so far all is good but the generator “is a mess”( I knew that) and needs attention. The drive north (after a stop for $80 worth of gas) was pleasant but I had to remove the dark film over the windshild, it was wrinkled and confusing to look through and the one closet door I have for the pantry opened and rice flew out pretty much everywhere, I knew it would happen, though I didn’t suspect it of the rice and now have an idea how to hold the door it closed while driving.

I’m going to stop at Walmart to look for an ajustable curtain rod that I can put one side on the door and the other on the wall in front of it, maybe two rods better. I’d locked the wheels of a cart but it tipped over and all the stuff fell out to join the pantry fall-out items on the floor.

I’m sitting in the RV listening to the garage music, fans of Cash. Nice. I’m going to ask him if he can get this cool drivers wheel cover on, I couldn’t stretch it far enough to get-it over the wheel……he did it yah. He said it was perfect for this RV

The ride home was easier because I replaced that extra mirror in the corner of the outside mirror the one I had fell out when I was cleaning it., and I placed the curtain rods so didn’t hear the disaster happening behind me ( it was contained inside the door), also I felt more confident after I was told GG looks great under there, she only has 60,000miles on her and the work I had done when I bought her looks well done and intact. Almost makes me want to go somewhere, if it weren’t for the price of gas I certainly would

I still have to get propane for the fridge before I go anywhere, the place was closed when I went by there today. ( you know what I have to do to go back to get it, the unhooking the rehooking up, moving the picnic table and on and on, not a minor inconvenience)The fridge will switch from electric to propane depending on which is available, so while traveling it uses propane, or I guess it would stay on electric if I had my generator on, but I don’t usually drive with the generator on.

I have more labor to do on the outside, I need to remove a lot of old dirty caulking, clean it as best I can and the replace with fresh stick on caulk, I ordered some today, hope I get the right stuff this time…..I could write a whole blog on the hassles of getting the “right” stuff. Maybe I will, no it would be boring to anyone but me!

Charley was not a happy camper, the noise scares him

My ROOF is Fixed

It wasn’t a big deal after all, just that one place where it leaked and messed up one panel of the ceiling, and is now truly fixed by the experts. So that was one thing to take off my fixit list.

Air in my tires, done. Air pump ordered as I guess I can’t count on a friend being near by when I might need one!

New mirror ordered to add to outside mirror where the old one fell off. Windows washed wipers cleaned with WD40.

Appointment for oil change for motor and generator made for this week.

Tail Gate ART poster

I need to figure out what to do about that ugly seam. I took off it’s cover and found the seam very open beneath it and tried to fill it in with stuff but now don’t have the right kind of cover for it. I’m changing some other seam covers but they are not the same size as what is needed here, should have not tossed what was there, live and learn I suppose.

So my GG is almost ready to be gassed up for travel! We haven’t gone anywhere for so long that I cancelled the insurance, which is apparently not a good thing to do, but I went with AAA and got a better deal than with Progressive and I plan to drive to Dallas before Thanksgiving.

Trip didn’t happen

I was convinced to not move the RV until Chip the RV guy checked it out and I’d also checked my tires. So I just got another 2 gallons of gas plus a friend added a bit more so when I tried the generator having a quarter tank of gas, she started! I bought a filer and oil for the generator but don’t have the tools I’d need to change the oil myself. so when I go to town I’ll get that done plus an oil change for the truck as well. Next is to resolve my roof problems. My poor Gigi has been neglected but now I’m determined to be a better owner to avoid costly problems that prevent travel. I guess I’ll travel into town once a month to keep things functional. At least that’s what is suggested I do. I’m thinking about selling art from Gigi now and then in town.

Tomorrow is the big DAY


So far I have removed and cleaned the tire covers.

Moved the picnic table that was behind the RV, and the chairs and (the nasty stuff under the rv I took to the trash.)

Moved all the clothes that hang in the cab and repaired the window covering that provides privacy.

Took down the dishes and glasses that will break during the move, and put the toaster tea pot inside a cart that has brakes along with a few other things

Put a board across my book shelves so they don’t fly.

Hung hanged a bunch of clothes in the pantry to see if that will prevent the door opening and stuff falling out, like they did the last time I moved, don’t see a better way to restain the door because it sets on the outside of the wall, can’t stick a knife between the wall and the door to hold it, that would have been an easy fix, still thinking about that.

All this to get enough gas in GIGI so I can check the generator before my help gets here to fix whatever else might be wrong. I don’t think there is anything wrong wiith it but probably needs service of some sort.

I guess maybe I’ll check the mail while out, PO is down the road about 5 miles and gas about 3 miles and then I will be tempted to go to town, no I thnk not, waste of gas without needing anything.

Charley is going to hate this.

Charley is Jealous of my Guitar

I thought I’d get an inexpensive learner guitar and hopefully learn a new brain saving technique.

Whenever I start messing around with the guitar Charley begs for attention, attention and a belly rub. He throws himself in my lap, really it’s like he does a back flip bottoms up.

He doesn’t like it when I’m busy on my computer or reading either.

He’s spoiled and has doubled his arrival wight from 12 pounds to 24 pounds! He’s beautiful and generally well behaved.

He is happy to stay home alone because he hates going in the car, he shakes from the time we go til the time we get back. So now I leave him home with a treat.

He knows when I get my keys and put on my shoes I’m going in the car. He does very well home alone now, I don’t need to use that supersonic noise thing to keep him from barking, neighbors report he has not been barking, it’s because he’s happy not to go with me in the car.

Charley and friend.

Learning the guitar is not so easy, not easy at all! It looks easy and cool just strumming and humming but so far I can’t even remember the g string. Memory, that is the challenge I’m working on, it’s a bitch!

It’s been cold in Caballo but the afternoons are briskly pleasant. I am now a resident of New Mexico. I like it here. I should get my new drivers license and plates soon. It’s only taken me 2 visits to the DMV so far needing birth certifcate, marriage license translated insurance info and more but it was in the nicest DMV I’ve ever been in, no waiting efficient and a clean organized process. A far cry from my experience in TX. Small towns are great and almost no traffic!

I planted a few perennials today, hopeful for a splendid ‘Spring. I lost a few plants to frost even though they were in my studio, very sad and sorry my beautiful succulents collection froze.

Ropa Vieja con Platanos Maduros

Christmas dinner in the Park is going to feature Mexican food. But I’m adding a little taste of Panamá, the recipe I’m using is Cuban but it’s the same and another person is bringing rice. I only have two platano that should be the right ripeness, maybe I can get more tomorrow. I’m going to make it in my hot pot and let it cook for about 5 hours. I’ll let you know how it turns out….I bought cookies to take if it doesn’t turn out good!.

Thanksgiving was a bust for me. I got all weepy and it lasted for two days. As I’d planned, and changed my mind about going to VA for Thanksgiving plus I’m messing with my meds so that could have been part of it. But I’m fine for Christmas, no plans made to frustrate me.

It’s been cold in Caballo, freezing at night, water lines freeze then, no water in the morning til things thaw up a bit in my RV. Got another heater for the studio so we can spend time there, I’ve been playing in paint, I have a few new things, I sent a few home to VA, hope they can use them. I bought a cheap $15 Walmart frame to see how these canvas papers fit into a 16 x 20 frame. Looks good, perfect for them at a low cost perfect for a kids bedroom or basement rooms tho of course they can be more expensively framed as well. I think i’ll paint some more like this and maybe sell them, What do you think? What I do is mostly abstract because I love combining colors and lines but to sell them I’ll need to paint trees. So do you paint what you want or paint to sell? I know my answer, I need the money for paint so I’ll be painting some trees! Take this for instance, doesn’t look like much but when you put it in a nice frame it’s elegant! I’m going to add a page here with new available work soon…. for sale!


But I only have 6 gallons of hot water!

So I’ve ordered a 3000 w immersion water heater that (I hope) will heat the water so I don’t have to heat water on the stove top as I did last night. but it felt wonderful to climb in here (with a stool) to soak my whole body I love it. That element will arrive in a couple days so I won’t empty the water until I get it to use it again, wish I had something that smells good to add to the water.

El Mundo
Look at this sideways, looks like a map don’t you think? I like it .

A Soaking Tub in my Small RV?Is it Possible?

Probably should wait until I get it and test it out but…………..

Tomorrow it will arrive!!

A bath tub that I can put in my tiny shower space,

I am so excited!

It’s a Japanese bathing box (?) what to call it? Reviews on Amazon are great, people in RV’s love it as do people in small apartments without bathtubs. Being able to take a bath has been one hardship I thought I just had to live with and now even that concern may be resolved!

Life is good!

Info says water stays warm for about 40 minutes, I guess they call it a soaking tub. I can fill it with my shower hose, it’s not inflated……..

(if interested I found it on Amazon for less than $50.)

It folds up for storage but I expect to use it often so I’ll leave it ready for use. I was looking for bath tubs but none would fit in my space and then I found this, I’m wondering about getting in and out of it, may need to use a stool, I have one that should work if I need one. I’ll be able to use bubbles and salts and good smelling stuff and finally soak my feet! I’ll follow up after my first soak.

It’s chilly and raining today. We’ve stayed inside listening to the impeachment news, I don’t talk politics in the park, but I watch what’s going on every day, I believe history is being made right now and I wonder how it will be judged in years to come and whose names will be shamed or glorified. What will our descendants think when they read the names of the participants in this event, will it be shame or pride?

Charley is doing well after his brief ‘fixing’ and doesn’t seem to miss what is now missing.

Charley has put the blanket over his head, that means good night .

Good night.