RV Frustrations, but it will be just fine, some day, I hope soooon

Does anyone want to read about my RV frustrations?  I doubt it, but I must write, the only slightly unusual thing about my scribbles is that I am a young 75 year old single woman doing what I can to have a good life on my own in a 27 year old class C RV called GG which provides plenty of frustrations for me.

It’s just that things don’t work as they should, or did, either in the RV…… or in me.

I try to remain respectful of our mutual aged-ness.

I set my foot carefully on the top of the couch back,  I leap up and hoist myself up to my loft, (over the cab) I can sit crouched low or prone  because I have no head room to sit upright,  but it’s a comfy place to read  just lying there, flat with the ceiling 10 inches  over me. IMG_0188

The temperature  between the loft and downstairs is not the same as heat flows up and at night I set the heater at 68 so it doesn’t overheat the loft where I sleep, until I need a bathroom break and climb back down, (I’ve only slide down abruptly a few times, (no damage, a few more scuff marks on my thin skin) and its darn chilly downstairs and cold in the bathroom…….

oh, the bathroom, that is a frustration.  It is so small, it should be an easy place to maintain and decorate but it is a tiny room mess.  I had the big heavy broken mirrored useless shelf system removed and it left a  pock marked cardboard-like wall that I’ve tried to fix. I sprayed the wall and got a mist of paint over everything, not a good idea.IMG_0220IMG_0218

I wanted to add my art tiles on the wall similar to those I put around my bathroom door but some of the tiles had resin drips on the back so they didn’t lay flat and the wall was not flat either, probably never was flat or smooth.  The adhesive I used was great around the door and is the same I used for the floor tiles but what a mess they made on this wall. Everything was sticky everything that I touched was sticky and the tiles just kept falling down.

I  tried again and again to keep those tiles hanging but finally gave up and hung a painting beside the few tiles that remained.  Some tiles were place holders for new images, the other tiles were such a sticky mess I had to toss them out… and they were very pretty tiles. Now I’m thinking to put up some wall coverings or even plaster the wall. Days later and the wall is still sticky.

Then my fridge stopped working.  It hadn’t worked on electric power for me at all but was working perfectly on propane, until yesterday.

Called an expert, he said it had 27 good years.

RV fridges are very expensive as they run on both electric and propane, they run about  $$1700.  It was suggested that I just get a regular fridge one that only works on electric , less expensive but it  would  tether me to RV camps, unable to camp without amenities on public lands.

I did not start this life’s chapter to live in a campground where you are one of hundreds of rv’s parked close together. NO

So I started looking for used RV fridges, RV parts, and finally went to ebay and found a slightly damaged new RV fridge at half price, it will cost me about $1000 to get it, have it  shipped from Waco TX and installed but I think I found a good deal. OJALA ! (which I  exclaim in a most ungodly manner)

Have I mentioned that my hot water heater is down again?

But my oven works

And my smoke alarm works again and again and again.


Nice Exchange of Skills

image_566198487508049A neighbor helping me to do some repairs on my RV complained of back pain. I asked if he’d tried acupuncture and he had not. so I offered to give him treatments in exchange for his help.

Word got out in the RV park of the plan and the next day I had 5 women and one man in a circle with needles placed for various concerns and my RV is now level for the first time.  But the neighbor was not one of them, scared of needles!

What doesn’t work as it should, I don’t Expect Anyone to do this for Me but I need some help Please!

IMG_0164What doesn’t work as it should, or at all, or need to remove/replace on my RV

The lights some don’t light up, some outlets don’t work
The leak above the cab.
The book shelf system

Install new door to water heater ..does it work?
The exterior dents and cracks fill in and clean
Finish the wood floor
Remove Bathroom cabinet
Replace water pump, I have a new one not installed
Weather stripping on doors?
Why fridge not working on electric power?
Wash and wax exterior, what kind of supplies do I need to get?

How to understand solar panel readings
Burned inverter?
Show me how to use meter

I don’t expect anyone to do all this for me, I just need instructions and some help.

Writing Daily, doesn’t mean You need to Read me Daily but………

I’ve decided writing daily is a way to help myself find and remember my words, think my thoughts and  spell my words.  It’s therapy for me and may be interesting to you to understand me, a 75-year-old solo woman on a mission to understand herself, choices I’ve made and  the changes that happen related to  growing old.

When I started thinking about this living option I was asked what I would do if I got sick.  I only have one health problem and whether it happens while on the road or at ‘home’ the treatment is the same, rest, diet and meds.  Same here or there.

Going on the road  has given me ample  topics to write about of interest to a few who stop by here to read my  words, I thank you but I am warning that the goal  for me is to write, even when I’m boring I will keep writing. I hope you will keep reading because it’s encouraging for me to see the stats and responses of my readers




So what do we think of my helpful neighbor?

His RV is separate from his truck so he can get out and about without his RV trailing behind him and he has taken me several times to see the area and go shopping.

He has offered to help me with many issues on the RV but I’ve been procrastinating to get started, though he has already started to pound out some dents and I’m hoping to get some parts and doors replaced so my GG doesn’t look like she belongs to chusma!

I’m  pretty sure I can trust him, he’s open and tells me of his life and plans, doesn’t ask about mine and I don’t offer much. But I appreciate his help and I think he is ‘a good guy’  I did wonder about my trust (briefly) in a stranger and going off with him to see old roads and me without even my phone as protection, but I don’t think he has any intention to harm me, he’s been nothing but respectful and kind. I can accept his help.(besides I have taken the sim card out of my phone and into my ipad so I can work online whereverI couldn’t have called for help anyway!

I’m having mañana feelings (I’ll think about it tomorrow) and wondering if I should stay here for several months to save money. I’m thinking that I may not find another perfect place if I leave and my space might not be available if I want to come back here. I’m more likely to get help on the RV here where I can trade services with AC .

I  want to go to Arizona for the yearly RTR in January, where all these RVer’s ( many thousands) get together to promote a sense of community and learn from each other.I’m not a fan of crowds but I just want to be there once to experience it and maybe meet some of the people I’ll been following on utube.

And the question of ‘living off the grid’ vs in a park with hookups has make me think, why go without electric and water when you can have all for $150/month plus electric? Of course you are crowded right next to the next rv in a line. (It’s definetly not camping as we think of camping. Where I am the spaces are comfortably big) While boondoggling camping without hook ups, electric, water and sewer, you can go where ever you want on public lands without costing much and having little to no services.

It’s an adventure not experienced  in RV campgrounds and depends on how you wish to experience your ‘freedom.’ Most boondogglers go to a camp to refill their water and empty the tanks every week or two then back out to public lands.
Well, I didn’t start this to be stuck in a lineup of RV’s anywhere so I’ll probably leave here in late January and figure it out then. Being here until then is a good transition for me to correct some problems I have with the RV.

The JOY of absolute freedom and not being responsible for anyone else has an upside and downside. It may be selfish, I know there will come a time that self satisfaction may not be all I need and I will need to be responsible for someone or something more than myself. I know this is true.

I’m pretty sure I’ll find a project, or maybe I’ll be able to get the dog I want to give it a good life. I tried to get one in Austin where they are sponsoring retired greyhounds but wasn’t able because they had not gotten my application, my fault, I didn’t send it correctly in an email and they didn’t have more than one ready for adoption. It’s along way back to Austin but a greyhound is a perfect travel companion as they like to sleep and surprisingly don’t require much exercise or take up much space.

Need -ling Happening Here!

I made this little note for those living in my rv park at the request of several residents.

Trade skills with me? I do acupuncture and need help with my RV. Let’s make a trade that only involves our effort, not cash!
I can go to your home or we have permission to use CJ’s home. In fact we could do several people at once at CJ’s in chairs, happy hour with needles?? I do acupuncture using the big points found on the arms below the elbows and on the legs below the knees. ((you’ll need to keep those areas free) That may not seen like enough but these are the most important channels of energy and most effective points. In some instances I’ll chose other points when needed..
One thing to know about AC it doesn’t work in one treatment, especially if the problem is deep seated. You would require at least 3 treatments in three consecutive days, rest a couple days and repeat as needed. Are you ready to do that?

Contact me in the little tioga or call 571 258 7018 to set up a plan. I’ll have my needles ready.

PS I graduated from Texas Institute of traditional Chinese Medicine in 1994 but don’t have a current license to practice here in NM so………..I’m also an RN without a current license, but hey, I’m 75 and ready to travel with GG my gas guzzling rv!
PPS I do sometimes sell my art work!
And I have a website/blog here tailgateart-othon.com
I’m Kathy, and I expect to be here until late January

A Saturday Non-News-Worthy Afternoon Yet here I am Telling my Stories Again

I bought a small coffee pot,

That’s not very news worthy I know but at 75+ I feel like I can drink coffee again.

I’ve avoided coffee for 30 years +because of its acidity on my poor bladder but lately I feel I can drink almost anything in moderation . Moderation being the key, not drinking 3 glasses of wine with Nicky and being miserable the next day! (Thanks for the TLC Nik) So I’m testing to see if I can start my day with a cup of coffee sweetened with leche condensado like my Mother-in-law Gena, did in Panama. Get your milk and sugar with condensed milk. Yummy
About that bladder problem, I know that many friends that read here know that I have interstitial cystitis, its a nasty disease with no known etiology or cure. For most this gets worse the longer you have it but for me it has gotten better with the years and I’m hopeful that I may taper back off medications soon. Of course I’ve tried this before with the resulting flareup and had to restart but I’m still hopeful.

Some one asked me what do I do all evening?  I think, I overthink, I read a lot, I have lots of books on my iPad either from the library or amazon prime. I hesitate to purchase books because I have no space to keep them, only a few books I was sure I would read made it into the RV,  I don’t watch TV as I don’t have one, I removed the one that was here. No problem as I haven’t watched TV for about 6 years.

I read my art books, Chinese medicine books, Shakespeare,and  don Quijote de La Mancha in Spanish. I am going to read Shakespeare’s plays finally, I feel under educated to not have read them all yet. I have this big fat book of Shakespeare’s complete plays and the companion book. The companion has a chapter on no-holds Bard, a glossary of sexual slang that should be fun to read.

Miguel de Cervantes’s don Quijote de La Mancha, I’m reading  my way through don Quijote with my dictionary at my side. I have a special commemorative edition in Spanish. It has a list of words and phrases used in the back but are Spanish to Spanish so I need my Spanish to English too . Cervantes died 400 years ago is still read and respected today and is considered to have written  the most perfect  Spanish language book ever written.

Its about more than a man fighting windmills,  I had a very special friend who I remember when I think of  fighting windmills, I have a silver pin with the horse the figure and windmill given to me  by him though I doubt he would have understand or be happy to be told what it reminded me of, or why I needed it. It reminded me of a man willing to fight for what he wanted and never letting anything get in his way, kind of like I’m doing now, on a much smaller scale.


I wasn’t able to find the right AC cord for my DVD/CD player this morning and finally connected it to my small Suaoki generator with the adapter. I can charge it while using it.. listening to music
This Sylvania portable DVD player connects in multiple ways ,including the cig lighter in the truck, which is nice as my truck cab has a tape deck only, (my old truck age). Doesn’t have the best sound, but the RV has several good speakers I could probably have a DVD player installed one day, not a high priority right now.

I could have gotten some DVD’s while at Walmart yesterday but didn’t think of it. They had a big basket of them on sale. I don’t think the signal is strong enough to watch movies on line here. Haven’t seen any red boxes with rental dvd’s here.

I also have an emergency jump starter/portable power supply, the rugged geek Inteliboost that has saved me many times back when I forgot to turn out all the lights.  It charges all my electronics too. So much more efficient than needing another car to boost  the battery.
I found the cords for my little canon printer, printed a couple items from my computer. Happy to see that despite all the jostling the electronics have gotten they still work.

I also plan to walk everyday and I will ….soon.


So, you can see that  I am well prepared to live minimally while still having the basics to manage my life, keep up to date and live in modest comfort.


It’s so Windy I’m Glad I’m not Driving Anywhere Today in my RV


Wind is a great danger for RV’s semi’s and other big rigs. As I sit  here I can feel my RV moving in the wind side to side.  Makes me feel top-heavy and insecure.  I would pull over and stop driving if I was traveling. I looked to see how windy it is, 25 miles/hour now.

It’s a pernicious wind whipping around me filling the air with noxious elements, time to avoid the great outdoors. My inside wind chimes , my hanging wire basket and my hanging mugs are all moving in the wind, the chimes sound with each burst of wind and then its quiet until another burst of wind.  I like the sound.

A neighbor offered to take me to do some Wal-Mart shopping today.  I didn’t want to go, didn’t want to say no thanks so I went.  Me being passive.

I should be OK food wise for about a month, if my fridge keeps working as well as it is  on propane, I bought a bit of frozen foods but forgot the fly swatter, I have two flies tormenting me.

I bought tater tots because I’m reminded that my grandson Evan loves tater tots, I’d never bought tater tots before but looking at them reminds me of Evan, and I bought them, now when I bake them I’ll think of Evan.  I haven’t tested the oven yet but now I will.  Do you do that?  Find something you had not thought to buy  but this item reminds you of something or someone and you must have it, not for the item  itself but for the memory it offers.

I think my neighbor has my tomatoes.

I’m suffering from my fall of the other day, stiff neck and headache so according to TCM I have excessive wind syndrome,  Appropriate  right? I smell like the tiger balm I have on my neck and am using a heating pad while trying to hit the trigger points with the eraser of a pencil.  My head  and shoulder took the brunt of the impact. It hurts.

Some days I have nothing to say, my mind feels empty and lazy and I can’t spell worth a damn, but this is why I insist to write every day about something or even nothing but to fill this space, maybe I’ll develop a pattern of thoughts that I can express clearly in time, and some one will want to read it.

But my goal is to write, not to be read.