Odd Notes….


Today I did laundry, and I spent $3 for fresh eggs, I know, odd right… but there you are. Yesterday I burned the brownies in my new convection oven. Now they are biscotti and still tasty tho hard as rocks

Today my half my family are on their way to Panama for 10 days, yeah.

they have arrived in Panama, mandé saludos a la familia.

I didn’t know the induction cook-top made so much noise, could be annoying.

What to cook with my new kitchen appliances, I have no recipe books

what does that tell you

. it’s just me to cook for, I should try to eat well

GG and I need to travel to T or C for propane, that means I have to disconnect power and sewer so we are untethered and pack things up so they they don’t fly about while driving because they will you know. We haven’t moved for a good while….I hope she starts. It will be an adventure, I’ll tell you all about it. Later.

I need to get wheel covers, I’m told the sun is hard on the tires, I have new tires, I should cover them especially since we are not moving very far and plan to stay here for now. On my list of needs and to do’s.

that’s all I’ve got for now

Good night