Japanese soaking tub

Tonight was the second time this week I went out to soak in my Japanese soaking tub

I wait until it’s almost dark and climb in hoping I’ll b able to climb out when I’m tired of soaking. The first time I was stealthy and covered but got in nude, which is the logical way to sit soaking but getting out I’m sure my butt was showing there was no one around to admire, nevertheless now i keep my self covered while in the tub.

Tonight the water was a little warmer than I like, the thermameter is odd, with a confusing set of numbers that make no sense neither farihite nor centagrade but I don’t dare put my hand in the check until I take out the heater element. I had dropped in one of these fizzy bath things earlier and was surprised to see I had pink water! I use the water to water my plants, think they’ll get pink?

I did notice all the typos, did you?

I’ve been concerned about the tub because after the first use it gets a bit slippery on the sides and bottom and I could just see myself slipping and stuck unable to get out. But now I have the tub close to the side of the RV so I can balance myself better and have something solid to hold onto. Tonight was the second night using the same water and after just moving my feet around I got rid of the slipperyness and had no trouble getting out. The first night I did have trouble getting out but it wasn’t the tub’s fault, I just need to work on my thighs to be able to get myself up easier but I’ve figured out how to manage without calling for help!

I bought a magnetic cover for my studio doorway to keep out flies but my doorway is wider than the door cover. It has a small mesh fabric that I thought to use as the cover for the tub and it works pretty good at keeping out bugs in the water with a tie to hold it

I like to sit in my tub and look around and wonder how I came to this place where I have everything I need, except family, that is the only lack here. I have things to care for that give me a daily routine, water my plants, talk to them and to Charley, I have to walk Charley, if we walk around the park three times that is a mile……..okay I only know that because Becky says so and I haven’t done it three times at the same time yet. I almost wrote, hey, I’m old but remembered my neighbors that walk everyday and he is 90. He and his wife are original hippies and fun to talk to about their experiences over the years of hippy-ness.

I strum my guitar every day though i know i’ll never learn to play it properly. i like to tune it and listen to the sound each string makes as I make my music. My fingers can’t reach to where they must to make real music but i enjoy strumming and making up my tunes.Love my $50 learner guitar made in China.I’m so easy!


Excited by my first sale from the Grape Gallery!

I almost threw the envelope away thinking it was something I had no interest in, something about a spa. Then I remembered that Pelican Spa is the name of Grape Studio company, I’d gotten a notice from this same company with a $15 check for a couple tiles that were sold a week ago. I’d taken the trash out already when this light came on in my head and I retrieved the trash and found a check for $112 for the sale of a painting. The trash was picked up today so if I had not realized my error in time I would not have known I had a sale. Funny thing, I’m not sure which of the paintings sold, they were named, this one called Cheer-1 I think it must be this painting. What a pleasure to know it will hang in someones home.

I gave away two paintings to a couple that was leaving the park to live in a different state where they bought a home, they were very generous to me, they gave me that beautiful leather chair I have in my studio, a step that has helped me to safely step up into my RV, and a fence for Charley. Good people.

Time for me to start painting seriously, I’ve been stuck on doing much of the same style, abstract stuff and sent them to family and some gifted in the park, I think I am over it now.

Check out that painting in black and white, That is a color modification of a painting by my camera setting on noir, I’d tried to over paint a painting in black and white but was not successful .

I was painting using chalk paint, very interesting, vibrant colors flat!

These are the other paintings at the gallery.

80 in two short years

My brother and I were laughing at the fact that we are so old ( it was his birthday) and don’t feel any different than we did 20 years ago. Energy, I think that is the factor that I notice the most, a lack of energy, plus that look in the mirror that reminds me time has passed. Still, I manage to get quite a lot done as of course I have to do it all, manage my RV tanks is not a big deal unless things get ‘stuck’ and I have to use the broom handle to move along ‘stuff’ no big deal, it happens. Sometimes when freezing my water doesn’t run until it warms up, no big deal.

One of my goals this week is to find out why some of my ‘house’ lights don’t work. They are all together so I think it is a fuse problem but I need to get more light bulbs to check the unlikely possibility that they are burnt out. . The fuse box is on the floor of the kitchen (smile) and I have to lie on the floor on my belly to access them, then figure out which fuse goes to what lights. And then get up again, that’s the hard part. As I said, a project that I have planned to do for weeks but just lately decided we could have a lot more light in here if those lights worked. I need to go into town tomorrow for a few items…I should make a list right now and take a bulb from a light that works with me.

I painted my yoga mat today, still feels sticky, I like to use it on the floor, it’s about the right size, keeps the cold out and I’ve painted it a few times with orange, and green spray paint so it matches rather nicely with my colors. The length of the mat which is common to yoga mats, is just about the length of my rv from kitchen to cab, plus a bit more, to give you an idea of the size of my living space.

It was sunny today and windy. I washed clothes and they dried fast makes me feel accomplished plus I made smoothies. I’m trying to make one every morning, I add protein powder plus frozen fruit, a banana and today I used almond milk in it plus spinach. Probably won’t make that combination again but we drank it, Charley got some too, probably a bit more today than usual.

Friend asked me if I had tried writing on my chalk walls with chalk. Not yet.

Winter notes

Yesterday was Sunday, about 5:30 I was setting up my next weeks medications for my weekly meds container and set aside my nights meds that I usually take at about 8pm. Without thinking I took those medications and vitamins right then and by 5:30 I had that sleepy feeling that feels so good. I’m a longtime insomniac and sometimes don’t feel that sensation all night so when I do I take advantage of it to go to sleep. I woke up about midnight feeling wide awake but it’s cold and dark so instead of writing here I day dream a great post which now I can’ t remember to put it on paper. You would have liked it!.

It’s 34 degrees outside and cold in here I turned on my space heater but it’s having a hard time,spreading some heat, glad my electric blanket warms us while under the covers, I say us because Charley is sleeping with me while its so cold, it will be hard to get him to sleep in his own bed when it warms up in Spring. When I bought this RV I tore out the furnish coils because the huge coils took out so much room and I wanted a space for cabinets and books. I thought that this small space could be heated with a space heater. I have the afgan my daughter made me hanging as a curtain to keep out the cold by the window and that helps and looks nice…….plus Charley doesn’t get it full of dog hair,my only regret in getting Charley is the fact that he sheds like crazy!

Today ‘s high is a delightful 68 and sunny. I may wash some clothes. I have to wash in small groups, because its a small machine, last week underwear, next day socks…I have many of both so I wash in groups when I run out of socks or underwear. Sometimes I hand wash clothes inside and then take them out to the washing machine to spin and then hang outside. I wait for a sunny day, last time my socks didn’t get really dry and when I put them on they feel cold so when the sun shines I’ll take them out to finish drying. Wet socks are the pits. I don’t do any scrubbing but rather refreshing my clothes, today I’ll refresh some of my warm clothes that I’ll need for cold mornings then by afternoon I change to something lighter.

washing machine

I’ve been painting the same thing over and over lately, not exactly the same but the same style and I think I’m over it and can start painting something different, something recognizable rather than abstract shapes and colors. I wanted to make some xmas cards for friends here in the park but my wifi was so bad I couldn’t get a signal for my printer. So I painted some little 5 x 7 panel paintings, abstract and colorful but weird because they were nothing about xmas or new years either. I haven’t gotten a lot of feed back for them, not too surprising! I used some chalk paint on them, very bright.

Charley is waking up, he likes to sleep in actually he just likes to sleep, that’s just about all he does, I guess life is boring for him with this old lady who takes him out a few times a day when she is restless.. He’s pretty good about running out to pee and running back inside for a treat. I tell him in an excited voice to run fast fast fast come back for a treat. He is not supposed to be without a leash, but damn it’s cold outside and he usually comes right back though at night it’s a little tempting for him to wander but I have a powerful flashlight that I train on him so he knows I’m watching him. We go to the dog park for him to do his poops. He has this process before going that I have been tempted to video it is so funny how he dances in circles before the actual event. On that note I’ll close for now and wish you a good day.

You see that Charley has grown into his legs.

Charley now
Charley when I got him


It’s cold outside but cozy in here, thought I’d do some writing .

I haven’t been in the mood to write for a while now, thought to close the blog but looking thru it decided I like it and should keep writing, so here I am.

It’s been a difficult few months, actually many months, terrible things have happened to us as a nation, you know it as I do so I’ll skip past most of it, we need no reminders, we are not out of trouble yet.

My children’s father died during covid19, very sad, travel to Panama was out of the question now, later we can go to celebrate his life together.

Okay no more sad stuff.

I’ve been busy painting. Lately painting outside my RV and now I have just finished (for now) inside.

it looks pretty cool, I painted one side of the RV, I used craft paints and decorative tapes, I got the idea from washi tapes I bought without knowing what I was going to use them for. I painted a table and used the tapes and looked at GG she needs an updating. So far I haven’t had a problem with keeping it together,(the project) we’ll see what happens when it rains but I think it will be okay.

Being it’s winter and cold I’ve spent more time inside. Looking around for a project I spotted a small pot of chalk paint a friend gave me and thought to try it on canvas. It’s a very soft flat look, I liked it and then thought about painting the walls with chalk paint. As it is usually used on furniture there are limited colors. I used celery on the top storage spaces and red on the entry and fridge wall. I added a bit of yellow to the red expecting a red orange color which would look good with my Indian fabric. but got a beautiful rose color and just love it. I still have to touch up under the cabinets as I painted that it was dark outside and nearly dark in here too, I was so excited to get started I didn’t wait for the sun to come up. The color rose is a little off next to my multi-colors fabric so I painted some small 8 x 10 panels with the same paints but added some orange and have them on the front of the cabinets. Looks fine.

I was listening to Jose Feliciano just then, had not thought about him in many years he sounded good.

I updated the bathroom when I remove the tiles and wasn’t sure what to do with the damaged and ugly wall. I bought a piece of very thin plywood to make a new wall and used stick on tiles with a Spanish feeling and that worked just great. I used the tiles to cover my book shelf too.

That is one confusing picture. I have my plants over the cab with lights and humidifier and I’ve used the fabric above on the ceiling to cover some spots, then in the back to hide stuff and again in the front of the plants that is not closed it toward the side and yet again to cover the inside of the cab where I have clothes hanging.

I need to save a few things to write about so I’ll close here for now, next I’ll tell you about my purple hair, don’t think I’ve written about it.