GG’s New Kitchen

   A combination of this and that has keep me from writing daily and now after a week (or more) I’m ready to tell you what has been happening in my space, good things..

 We removed my stove from the RV.  It made me nervous to have an open flame, cooking with gas is great but not if you are as absent minded as I am.  So the stove is out thanks to my friends here in the park (thanks Becca and Dan)  we took it to a flee market like place where earlier Becca and I  had found a perfect cabinet that will sit in the place of the stove.   Cabinet is lovely with real wood though very light weight.     It was installed  perfectly by another new friend that I am exchanging services with.

Some really fine people around me,  I appreciate them so much I would be one frustrated woman without their help. I’ve been very fortunate.

I’ve added a backsplash for the wall behind my new convection/fryer combo, yes more tiles! I think it will look good, my kitchen will look modern and clean when I finally get my sink faucet and drain changed out.  

I’m pretty happy,  I had a visit from my brother and sister-in-law yesterday on their way to their home in Wisconsin from California.   Either they were checking me out or they lost the map.

Can anyone tell me what these figures on the cabinet mean?  Love my new kitchen, now all I have to do it change the faucet and maybe the sink.  Quite a contrast in styles in here!

First thing cooked in my convection oven is brownies and they look odd? …cuz they are burnt!

Soaking in Hot Springs,

Becca and I went into  Truth or Consequences, for a good soak  at the Riverbend hot springs,  before that we ate at a local ‘drive in’ and visited the Bravo Art gallery.  This area is saturated with art and artists. I love it and plan to go to Silver City where there are 50 different art studios, it must be a mini Santa Fe, tho I doubt they would apppreciate the comparison, I think I’ll go next Sunday I believe they are open then.



thats Becca there enjoying the hot springs and the view of Rio Grande across the way.


Becca enjoying the hot springs and gazing out at El Rio Grande, Peace

another place to soak, the water is filling, the thing hanging down there is to pull for refreshing with cold water…….I din’t use it.