I’m a little bit Worried ……..but not enough

but not enough to change my mind. She just fits my budget………..ok, she str- et -che s it.

8 x 12 side lofted barn

She’ll fit so gracefully next to GG.

Hard to wait the 2-3 weeks for her to get here.

She’ll need a name. My car’s name is ‘you can do it babe’ maybe my studio could be call ‘stretch a sketch or something.

Settling down in one place was not my plan, but with the expenses of my car and now my studio, I’ll need to sit still. Fortunately I love where I am (except the wind) Having my own space for creativity makes it a excellent trade off. Who knows, maybe I’ll sell some art to help finance this new expense .

I would never have had a studio if I had not done what I’m doing.

I didn’t even know I wanted one.

Sometimes taking a chance and just doing, is what you need to do instead of ‘wait and see’. no time to wait, time is a wasting.


similar but not the same as mine will be.


OOPS I Forgot to Empty the GRAY WATER TANK

I used a lot of water yesterday while making dinner and cleaning up.

This morning my shower was full of brown water.


I thought the worst of course, afraid it was not gray water that was floating my shower rug but looking closely and sniffing, I realized it was wash up dishes water and ran out to empty both tanks.

With a sign of relief, I see the water draining and the ring of oil from my pasta sauce and soap suds clarified it was from the gray water tank.

I didn’t know that would happen, did you? But of course it’s obvious to one who thinks, where else could it go? I don’t remember to empty my tanks daily, now I will, glad it wasn’t the black water tank.

I guess the same could happen, but up the toilet.

Finally put together my Thank You Dinner

I’m finally having my thank you dinner for the guys that helped me while I was in TX. A simple meal of appreciation. Pasta with my special sauce, yes, you know all about my sauce, if you have kept up with me, it’s going back into the pot, it smells real good, still chunky in a good tasty way. It’s not supposed to be windy today so I’ve taken a few colorful items out side to cozy up my space, I’ll have to take back in later as high winds is expected for the next 4 days.

getting my space ready for dinner with friends.

I’ve decided on the outdoor storage unit to be my studio and now it’s up to financing it and getting it in place for me to fill up with art supplies. I’m excited!

My change of plans may sound less exciting than traveling about but I feel good with staying put, besides financially it’s the best option for me now and I’m good with it.. Also, I can still make short trips leaving my studio here keeping the space rented. Imagine how this space will look with my studio and when my seeds grow up to be sunflowers, morning glories, and more.

……. the simple life is not simple to get started. Taking baby steps here, trying not to complicate life too much, soon I will have everything I need and more, I’ll need to limit ‘the and more.

I’ve been reading about how to write a great blog, let me know how it goes………..you will know sooner than I will if my efforts improve your reading.

I appreciate you.


It’s about 4:40 and I blew fuses using the Instapot at the same time as the oven, I was trying to use the fry setting on the oven to make sweet potato fries while warming u the spaghetti sauce.

I need 3 fuses of the blue ones and replaced a couple others but I ran out of the blue size, thought oh damn! No dinner tonight what will I do with all this meat sauce! (wrong thinking, someone would lend me fuses)But when I rechecked the switch the Instapot started so I’m still cooking but can only cook one thing at a time. Forget about the fries, they weren’t turning out as I thought anyway. So wine, tomato sauce, pasta, and Texas bread, and more wine (my daughter always buys this Texas bread for her pasta dishes and i buy it because it reminds me of her) So no other vegetable or salad tonight as I didn’t feel like going to town to buy fresh vegetables and frozen don’t seem to special to offer company.

so I’m on the floor on my belly looking for the blown fuse when a huge gust of wind, rocked the RV, I scooted out the door to see what damage and all my plants, chairs and rugs were topsyturvy, plants tipped over. It’s not supposed to be windy today, not till tomorrow.

I think we’ll be okay.

I’m delaying this post to add photos of our dinner.

Dinner was good! Company with Friends , conversation was fun, they even thought taking GG to Panama was a possibility!

RV Roof Repair ongoing Saga………..

Frank got here a bit later than he promised and was not happy on arrival. He’d had an rude incident in the dog park before he got here and was running late and not in the mood for anyone questioning his plan of action related to my roof.

Neighbor was out of line and should have realized she didn’t need to know exactly how Frank was planning his work and wasn’t able to recognize his mood and to leave him to his job.

He lost his cool

Honestly I was loosing my cool too but not with Frank. My neighbor would not keep quiet even as I asked her to to stop several times, to let him do the job. She seemed to need to have the last word, keeping Frank from getting the work started.

He was agitated and later was unhappy with himself for not handling it better.

Not helpful.

It was not her concern


Frank got up on the roof and said, oh this looks not good, I see wood. ( or something like that) and I see a wrinkle in my ceiling that wasn’t there a week ago.

The roof should have been done two weeks ago, before the pounding rain made a difference on my roof. and the wind blew bits and pieces of it away.

Frank says he got to it in time and he can fix it with this other expensive stuff he (I) bought no risk of mold because it is dry here.? True?

Then he texted me “don’t let anyone walk on your roof for 2 days”

okay, Frank


Increase your Credit card amounts before you Retire because You may not qualify After!

How does a professional person with a good income and few needs end up poor?

Poor planning and too generous “helping” others.

I thought maxing out my credit cards at this stage of life could be a good way to finish up, unworried about the future because the future doesn’t matter anymore. except when the future doesn’t come soon enough, and you’ve maxed out your credit. I haven’t been even close to maxing my credit ….yet.

But today when I decided on the outdoor storage unit and thought to finance it because I don’t have $3000 to spare… It was suggested I should get financing and so I applied for a personal loan from my credit union and I was refused, too much debt related to income. Yeah! I have been using my credit and my income stays the same.

Neither would my credit card give me a personal loan. So this is the face of a poor woman who didn’t know she was poor until she wanted /needed to buy something.Until recently I considered myself in decent $$ condition,, setting up a new life style has not been cheap, but I’m reasonable and only want to keep myself comfortable. But maybe too comfortable , stretching too little too far.

But I ordered my building today, in spite of all that, I put it on my credit card that somehow gave me $50,000 to spend but won’t approve a $3,000 loan. Im sure they would not have approved 50,000 credit card today. I guess my advise would be to make sure you have adequate credit before retiring because you may not qualify later.

I could have found a cheaper unit but the quality would not have been as good nor would it have 850 sq ft to work in. Resale value would be better, besides maybe I can live in it! Really, why not? I think it has more space than my RV does. Add electric, which eventually I would, maybe even water…

Probably not water.

I’ll need to get started painting or producing something of value to increase my flat bottom line.

I dislike worrying about money, so I don’t do it. That may be the reason I’m in this predicament. I’ve given more than I’ve received and sometimes am surprised how that turns out, I could use a few of those ‘gifts’ now!

So I thought I needed to write this on my blog because it’s all about me here, and I want honesty and humility and empathy for others in similar circumstances to be comfortable visiting here and leaving comments.

Well breaking news. This is not available so I’ll keep looking for something similar elsewhere, damn
Breaking Breaking news, I’ll get one much like this from tuff Sheds at Home Depot

The Temperature is Rising………

Almost time to turn on the AC, though I still needed my electric blanket two nights ago, it was chilly.

It’s a beautiful Day in Caballo.

I couldn’t sleep all night, really, not a wink, got out of my bed reluctantly this morning blurry eyed and tired but I had to get hold of Frank, it’s a beautiful day, no rain nor wind, to do my bendito roof. He says he can’t do it until Thursday, weather says Thursday will be windy. Well see what happens tomorrow, will he come, he said he’d try.

Or will I be really PO’d?

I couldn’t sleep because I spent hours online looking at storage sheds at home depot. I have decided to get one and now I’m anxious to get it done, my massage chair looks pretty comfy. and I want it inside my little studio where I can play at being an artist and perform illegal Acupuncture ( for free of course).

I’m trying to help Becca start up a website, not that I have much more experience than she. I’ve been ‘trying’ to make websites for awhile now on many different sites with very little success but not really trying too much, maybe that’s the reason of little success, but what is success related to websites? I guess it would be how many people read you…..OTHER THAN family and friends. I love it when I see that someone has found me other than from FB, right here for example. Oh oh, Becca gave up, we’ll try again after a good cry.

I’m making a thank-you dinner for the guys (and wives) that helped me while I was gone and kept my flowers alive. I’m thinking spagetti and I’m making a meat sauce in my insta pot.. I really hope I don’t mess it up, I’m making it now. I have both hamburger and pork but could have used more tomatoes, I’m hoping the slow cooking will meld the favors. What a mess it is to cook in my tiny kitchenette. I should have taken pics, you would have laughed, but I’m getting it done. I have too much food here, I plan to cook I have what I need and then have a B&J sandwich with a glass of wine!……..what’s wrong with how I spelled spagetti?

CBD Oil useful?

I don’t know. I bought this bottle for $35 to help with whatever ails me, insomnia, pain and what not but have seen no result on any of these concerns. The woman that sold it said several of her clients had used it on their skin cancers with good effect so I’ll try that at least locally as I see I have one spot where my glasses irritate my skin that will need to be removed at some point, think how wonderful it would be to be able to treat the skin cancer locally instead of having it burnt off leaving a scar. No harm trying.

Outdoor Living Space & GG

We don’t look like much yet but just wait, I’m going to paint the inside of the door red so when the door is open it will co ordinate with the red rug and the rest of my red colors inside and out. It is a time of exuberance and red expresses this time of life as no other for me, one day my RV will carry morning glory’ and cucumbers!
Obviously no care was taken with this photo but to show you my plan of re arranging my outdoor living space I’m going to put a storage unit, nicely painted behind the chair and move the table somewhere
Can’t wait to put things together again!