Doña Aleida Othòn de Rodriguez 29octubre 1926-24 de enero 2022

An Elegant Dama, to me she was more than a sister-in-law. She was a friend when a friend was needed, she was kind to a young girl lost in a new place not always friendly, we were unable to communicate freely but she was able to bridge the gap and made me feel welcome and part of her family.

She will be remembered for more than her famous arroz con pollo, her holiday ron ponche, and Christmas would not have been Christmas without her holiday table always beautifully set in her exquisite style. She was an gracious artist of her life, with flowers around her where ever she lived, she had a way with her that made life flourish around her.

I regret not having spent more time with her, I wish I could have spent the month in Panama with her when invited, the time was wrong, then never right and now too late. Her presence will be missed by many, her large family, close and far.


One hour away?

That makes me cautious. He says he is just one hour away and can meet me, he likes my smile. He quit the app because he was getting too many nude shots of woman wanting something, well,

I quit too after a day but found I was not quitted. I wonder if he gets his money back? He says I won’t be disappointed and to give him my email address. Should I?

Another writes “what would you change if you had had the opportunity and means to change your life”. Hmmm how to answer that? But it is a different way to see things on a date app. Not sure I’ll answer.

There a nice looking cowboy complete with horses and stables a nice cowboy hat. Joan O you might want to check that!

Also one photo sideways of the nude chest of an obese male with a smile that made me quickly delete him. So far he was the most cringe worthy person I’ve seen.

80% of the men are in Arizona, I suspect there are plenty of lonely women there too so they should look closer to home, be then I’d have no one to choose from.

I just got an email from the elite people telling me they are investigating the guy that says he’s an hour away and that I should delete him and if I’ve given him any personal information I should call my bank! I knew there was something off about him, see I have good instincts. He worried me right off.

One kooky response so far……dating younger men?

Nice day today spent some time with the mirror, the spoons and decided my face doesn’t match one side to the other, so maybe it wasn’t the spoons that made the difference but one side was always puffier than the other side. Had not looked so closely at my face in quite awhile, not a pleasant picture, but really it is w…..

I got a very nice email from my Colorado friend, I think we could be friends,he sounds sincere and kind, gave me his background so I replied with some of mine.

Someone else says he is 57 lives in Miami and he likes my photos and profile. I responded that Miami is far from NM and that I’m 20 years older than he is. He responded that he knew that as he read my profile before texting me.

He lists a Masters degree but has misspelled words on his profile. of course I can forgive that as it happens to me all the time right here! But I’m not trying to please or impress anyone here, you almost expect it of me right?

So I wrote that I’d already had a relationship with a man 20 years younger than me and it couldn’t end well, besides I’m old with wrinkles and In debt and wasn’t a good match for him, to find someone closer in miles and years and good luck. Haven’t seen a response to that yet and will delete him from my army of old men possibilities.

Not much happening but a couple that lives here is moving across the street to another park they will manage for free rent and other perks. Why I mention our park gossip is that they will be leaving empty a very prime spot with two trees on it, it’s a larger space than mine and is at the end of the park so more private with better wifi as no one is parked in front of you. I’m going to see about moving my stuff there, they’ll be moving February 1st. I wonder how much $ to move the studio that far, that’s not far at all, and my garden, glad nothing is growing now. This is almost exciting as……….yeah

I know I’ve been writing more lately , I seem to write in splurges and then go for weeks, even months without writing a word. It’s a pattern already set but things are moving, I sense changes happening around me, hopefully good things either personal or simply geography… like a move down the row of RVs! Meanwhile I’ll be writing about it here and hope not to bore anyone or make anyone upset when I make outrageous or personal observations about the state of my world.

on-line dating

So many lonely people is what I see on the dating site. lonely old men, from 68 to 85, most are in their 75+ range. I did see one man I could have liked to know at 85 but he is in Georgia, a retired judge, we agreed the distance was unfortunate .

The good guys don’t live in New Mexico! That is probably true, it’s a beautiful but poor state full of artists and government employees. The closest location of the men I’ve viewed are men in Arizona playing golf..

Now that I think of it, why didn’t I do this while I lived in the DC area or the Dallas area where distances would have mattered less and there would have been more available men? Because it never crossed my mind! That’s just like me too late for the party!

I think about friends from my Panama years, some I worked with everyday are gone, yet here am I wondering what’s next and if this is what’s next. I’m not one to plan far ahead but honestly I’m pretty satisfied with how things are for me right now, but I question if this will be a satisfactory long term plan for me,a 79 year old woman with limited resources and good health.

I guess this is what I’ll be writing about now. I check to see if there’s anyone new on my list of available men and see if anyone has answered or written me a note, I wonder about those personality tests and how some seem compatible when I definitely don’t think we would be. There is one that is super high so I wrote to ask him, why he thought that could be but he hasn’t answered me so maybe not?

Sunscreen? Bahhhh

The sun has really done me bad, these last three years of sun wind and dust has left my skin dry and discolored. Didn’t bother me til now. Refusing sunscreen was just stupid not using gloves to garden was another mistake. Too late to remedy? Maybe, but I’ll give it a try. I’ve been checking out those Utube videos on over 50 skin care and makeup and have learned a few things. Made a trip to Walmart to look for some recommended creams and such but doubt I have the right stuff for my skin but I’ll try them out over the next weeks.

One video that really surprised me was on dermaplaning your face! Which really means shaving your face, all over to get rid of peach fuzz on your face, says it exfoliates and smoothes the skin.. I bought theFlawless dermaplane glo exfoliador and hair removal at Walmart for 16.00 they didn’t have the little razors I saw on the video. I’ll try it, lord knows I need some care, eyebrows can be done this way too so no more plucking, though to be honest I have less need to pluck my eyebrows than to pluck my chin!

……….another I watched was on using the Chinese facial tool, gua sha to decrease fluid buildup of the face and neck. It’s simply moving excess lymph fluid but I thought a spoon would do the job and put two silver spoons in a glass of cold water and gently massaged the skin around my eyes and cheeks on one side of my face and the crease between my nose and mouth . It made a visible difference that lasted all day! I looked like I’d had a stroke, not really but next time I’ll do both sides of my face. Still had bags under my eyes but maybe less, I’ll try it again in the morning.

I’ll admit that I ordered the tool anyway.

It was a Hesitant half step into dating and a quick back step out

He doesn’t like dogs! I mean he really doesn’t like dogs, he dislikes them more than he wants to get to know me. Thank goodness I wrote about Charley so We realized this before any more time passed. I hope he finds who he is looking for soon. As for me, I’m sorry for anyone who dislikes dogs, and I’m pretty sure my readers would agree that one has to wonder why, but I don’t think that would be our only problem, he seemed pretty rigid, doubt he’d think my life style acceptable. I gave him this web address and I’m sorry I gave it to him.

Oh well, life goes on here in Caballo

Problem today is that my hose is not working because it’s stuffed full of green slimy algae like stuff…but it’s not the hose, I’ve had this problem before and was able to fix it then, now I’m not too sure.

Fixed it, for now, yup, the filter was full of this stuff, maybe with this super hose it won’t keep happening. I do use a brita for drinking water.

Sunny today, but chilly

I took my plants out to enjoy a few rays and spent some time in the studio with my man Bocelli on amazon , and walked with Charleykins to the dog park. I may take a nap, its unlikly but I wish I could be a nap taker, I could use the extra sleep.

Just got an email from Elite telling me my account was never deleted, which is different from” your account has been deleted” so I guess I have 6 months to find my “soulmate”.

Something to think about, there’s a lot of old men out there, lonely people looking for a companion. Not sure there is room in my life, I would have to be swept off my feet to give up this paradise I’m living! I would have to be treasured and taken care of, not be someone ‘s nurse. Which at this point is what old men are looking for, not to be cynical it can be hard accepting reality.

But a few years with a good man might not be so bad, could I finally become a we instead of just a me?