I’m so Glad this Happened while Old

That My Skin issue started while I’m old,

It waited til I’m 76 tho it may have snuck in before without me noticing

I would have been very unhappy, well not too unhappy after all it’s just white spots on my hands, so far. And some on my arms. So far that’s about it, maybe some on my legs too that I had not noticed. I wonder if I’m turning white, starting at my fingers. but wait, I am white! I guess that when this happens to one of darker skin tones than mine it would be more distressing. yeah, for sure. Nothing to do about it, my body just decided to stop making whats needed to keep my skin fresh and not white spotted. Now I don’t wear rings so much, why call attention to my one defect? one and only unless ………..nah.

I just like this tote,I need to order it at zazzle soon


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