Sneezes, Bra’s and Stinging Nettles

Sneezed, I don’t mind sneezes, if they don’t mean I ‘m getting a cold or have a cold, they help clear your sinuses, three in a row is not excessive but it reminds me of something I read a while back, I may be misremembering, but back in Victorian times the ladies used to sniff pepper to make themselves sneeze. It was considered a mini orgasm, where you lose control, who controls a sneeze? You just can’t control a sneeze, you barely have time to grab a tissue or bury it in your elbow. Poor ladies!


I guess I put my bra on inside out the other day. My boobs kept falling out, not entirely unpleasant but realized something was amiss and checked it out the second day wearing the damn item more carefully and everything stayed in. I hate wearing a bra but when my circumstances changed and I felt I had to conform I went out shopping with my sister for bras at Macy’s in the mall.

Immediately encountered problems, right chest size, right cup size, lovely expensive bras but I failed to fill the cup! That’s what happens to 80 year old boobs, unless you have prepared with inflationary measures. the bra cup nearly turned itself inside out, not an attractive look. I bought a few bras, anyone that can fill them is welcome to them. I moved on to JC Penny with no greater success, but bought a couple, on to Target bought a couple that I thought would work and are more comfortable until it rides up under my arms leaving my poor boobies hanging under or even more interestingly above the bra.


Finally Walmart tees under a shirt! I have gathered quite a collection of uncomfortable bras, I’ll wear one now and again when it’s cold a droopy nipple is not attractive but I found it didn’t matter what I wore under my shirt when I wore a smile on my face.


It’s 5 am and I haven’t been to sleep. I have sleep anxiety, nothing but going to bed when I’m sleepy seems to help, if I don’t go to bed while sleepy, say 9-10 pm, I wake up too much and spend the night watering the plants and moving furniture. You’d think there is a simple fix, go to bed when sleepy but I love to sleep with my night owl, one who takes naps, but I can’t nap, it doesn’t happen for me. We need to get up soon, it’s already 6am, I’m not ready to greet the day but day is almost here.

I have enjoyed the Texas wild flowers, we have blue bonnets and a lovely white blooming weed called stinging nettles on the property. We also have stickers that really really hurt trying to get them off your shoes and clothes, tip….use a comb.

4 thoughts on “Sneezes, Bra’s and Stinging Nettles

  1. Ha Ha Kate, I know the feeling about bras. They are confining. I wear them going to town but not at home. Summertime I wear all time as clothes are more revealing. Walmart front hookup I found the least confining.

    Stinging nettles are great to eat. Harvest them carefully and steam them. S great pot herb and spring blood tonic. Yum. When cooked, they dont sting.🤗👍

    Enjoy the bluebonnets.

    Peace Joy and Love


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  2. Well, this was certainly a fun read, Kathy! I realized that bras might be an important accessory when I saw the very young Choco ladies with boobs laying flat, almost to their belly buttons! Talk about gravity! 🙂

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  3. I sent you a long email, then it got lost!!!???? I hate using email. If you would send your home number, which i know you hate, But I promise I won’t call often How is Charley doing with the changes.?



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