Technology is Passing Me by

One of the greatest challenges I find as I am aging is that I’m being passed by.  My inability to read, learn and remember what I read is truly alarming.

I’m embarrassed that it takes me more time to complete a transaction than expected

I do dumb things


Some people are patient for a few minutes while my brain synapses slowly click into place..or not


so I take a deep cleansing breath and say to myself… 

I can do this!


The Trouble with Old Folks

 is that not everything works as it did, or should!

And it’s not only the brain which can become unscrewed.

Other parts get used up, some parts can be replaced, others repaired. but they never work as well as they did.

Hearing aids, dentures and eyeglasses are part of the norm after a certain age.

Spare parts become available at great human cost, the death of one can mean life for another.

One day no doubt there will be miracle fixes but please pass me by so I can get on with my next lifetime.




there are days…….


There are days that I feel I have something to say and other times my thoughts are not clear enough to put on paper.

I think the thoughts should be clear before putting to paper so I’ll think some more.

Meanwhile, I’ll add a picture until my thoughts insist on being written. I loved


painting this!IMG_1032


New Roads, New Travels and Adventures

don’t be confused I’m Kate in the park but Kathy everywhere else

just a silly thing, new name, new space, new life style

My goal for this website is to have a place to organize my thoughts, communicate my hopes and share what I love to do.  It’s about how I as a 78-year-old single woman finds my world today, a general commentary on life, and travels in my 1991 RV.

I am the 2nd of 8 siblings born in Duluth Minnesota, I was a LPN for about 20 years in Panama where I went as a Peace Corps volunteer at 21 years of age and married a Panamanian with whom I had 3 children.

There were some interesting times living in Panama of which I will probably tell,  check out my Panama stories.

I returned to the USA and finished up my degree as RN working in Texas and Florida. I studied Chinese medicine in Texas and have  Masters degree  though  I mostly needle myself these days.

I am a retired single lady, ready for  new challenges as I  travel here and there in my 22 ft RV.

And that is who I am today.

I’m mostly happy with who I am today.

I tell you all this to find common ground.

Thoughts of a 75-year-old woman on popular fashion, my sold painting & the weather

Sold, the one with three swings in pastels. Swings and hammocks are a popular theme and I like painting them so I’ll paint some more.

It was cold for the morning set up and got colder in the afternoon and the wind made it feel like the 49 degrees it was.  I was shivering and wondering at the people in shorts and flip-flops.  But what really got my attention were some of the women in tights, they seem to be the latest fashion statement taken too far.  If you have a fat behind (you know who you are) you should check yourself out in the mirror before showing it to all leaving little to the imagination.  Maybe my being 75 years old and not one that troubles herself overmuch with personal presentation leads me to these thoughts, but of those women, I watched today  I would guess about 30% looked good in their tights while the rest needed more coverage.  It was an interesting people watching day at the market

Shar’s rocks continue to be a popular item but we need to make more and more rocks!



Tomorrow’s Market & Kira Ishi Rocks

Tomorrow will be the first time for me to manage my TailGateArt market by myself.  Thankfully Shar will be able to help me get set up and take down and all I have to do is sell. Hoping for a nice day, the weatherman says yes, no snow or rain expected and temps in the 70’s.

My paintings will be on super sales as low as I can go to decrease my inventory.  I want to paint more landscapes and play with different techniques, there are so many options for the artist now, so much to learn.

I’m excited to start making prints of my paintings to sell.  I  bought a  printer that can make prints up to 16 x 20 (almost).  Expecting it any day now, I’m hopeful because I have a  had problems with my  printers.  I guess I’ve had about 6 or so printers over the years and they have all been a source of frustration,  I am a little concerned but determined to give this a try and if it works out as I expect I’ll sell my prints and note cards here too.

I’ll have Shar’s  kira ishi (small shiny rock in Japanese) rocks for sale tomorrow,  they have been a popular item especially for kids.

Some people think  “$5 is too much for a rock” without thinking about the skill needed to produce these beautiful rocks.  Depending on the size of the rock they cost from 50 cents to $5.00.

Costly and exotic Japanese, Thai, Indian and Nepalese papers are used to create her Kira ishi rocks and she finishes with multiple layers of varnish.

All the papers have a name, the Japanese Yuzen papers have names like Jewels, jasmine, Happiness, Midnight crane and Panda bear and many more.

The Nepalese papers are made from the Lokta bush.  Lokta paper is strong and durable and Eco-friendly and called the Nepal paper plant.

The Thai papers are made of the most luxurious Kozo momi papers that are hand marbled with stunning color combinations including metallic gold ribbons.  They have names of earth events with appropriate colors as noted below.  These are the rocks I was making but Shar makes them better than I do so she is the rock maker master.

IMG_0476 (1)

And that’s my story for today!




It was a Cold Morning….

in Richardson Texas today but we dressed in layers and set out for the Four Seasons Market with our tables, tent,  grids, chairs, rocks, paintings, tiles and persimmons for sale.  “We are getting better with the set up of the tent and it should get easier, but right now it’s still a challenge every week.

We didn’t sell any art today.

We sold rocks and tiles.  I forgot my business cards and that was embarrassing, what kind of salesperson forgets her business cards and has to give a paper with this website address on it.   I like the making and the painting, but I’m not so good at the selling part of a business. Shar is better at this so she is the business manager partner, she also takes a better photo than I do, as seen here with a happy customer.