100 degrees too hot for me at farmers market

And I bet it was too hot for many. I’d planned to go on Saturday but wasn’t feeling well on Friday and I knew the temperature was expected to be 97 on Saturday so didn’t think it was a good idea to go sit in the sun for a couple hours even though am’s are usually cool until about 10.

So I stayed home and tried to do some painting in my studio and with two air-conditioners going and two fans on high we lasted until 2pm and gave up. Even Charley was glad to leave for the air conditioned RV

I like my RV for cooking and sleeping otherwise I like being outside in my garden messing about my patio checking the status of the tomatoes and peppers which are the only survivors in this heat and reorganizing the studio. i have a black bell peppet didn’t know they came in black! Also green and yellow. I read that the yellow bell pepper has more vitamins c than an orange.who knew, is that why they are so expensive?

Tomorrow I’m taking every piece of fabric in here to the laundromat.curtains everything washable will be washed I have plenty of quarters and time to get this done. Too much dust floating around and Charley shreds unbelievable amounts of hair daily? I even took down the fabric on the ceiling. Maybe I’ll sleep better once all this is cleaned and fresh. I haven’t been on the roof lately because we’ve had no rain and don’t expect any soon.i know the plastic shower liner I have up there is cooking as we find bits of plastic floating about coming from there. I don’t want to change it until we expect rain because the plastic has a limited lifetime up there.

I’m still writing here and should be sleeping but my restless legs keep me moving so I can’t sleep woke up at 4:30 this morning and got up to see what I could do in the studio, Charley came with me for a while but he likes to sleep in so I sent him back to bed. I stayed out until about 11 and would liked to go back to sleep but nope no sleep. Seems us old folks that need the sleep to stay healthy often are sleeplessokay enough chstterbuenos noches mi gente.