I had Hoped to get Outside Today

(You may want to skip this post if you feel queeezzy or are not interested in dentistry and dentures cuz that is my rant today.)

It looks miserable out there, the wind is back, the sky is gray it’s raining little crinkly sounds on my roof so I’m inside thinking about food.

I’m a tiny bit bored and I want a cookie.

I have some frozen dough I want to try the little 3 in one breakfast set to bake 4 cookies. Alas, there is no way to control the temperature and though I was watchful, the cookies burned.

I ate them anyway.

My friend Robert brought me some good chocolate, at my request, because everything is better when I have chocolate. Life is good.

I need to take some pictures to add here. I want to get out and about soon so I have interesting things to write about and hopefully I’ll have a car to get around I want to make my posts interesting. It’s fun for me to see when someone reads here, like my efforts are validated and maybe useful to someone or at least amusing, The time it takes to write here is time well spent for me, I have plenty of time. I have to spell my words, find the words I want to use, and often have to change the word I want to write because I can’t spell it. I need to think and remember so I can tell my stories before they are gone.

The worst experience I’ve had in this past year would have to be my dentures, (as we don’t talk about the real worst thing that happened). No one talks about their dentures, it’s an embarrassment to admit you have them or need them. They don’t talk about the pain of becoming edentulous (toothlessness) nor the months it takes for your mouth to get comfortable again…….actually I’m not sure that ever happens. Having this big apparatus in your mouth extending up to your nose changes the shape of your face. I lost 20 pounds during this painful period, I’d have been happy losing 10 pounds, 20 was too much as I can tell from my photos of little old lady shrinkage.

You have to figure out how much glue you use to fasten them, not too much, or too little, it’s between losing control of your teeth and having it fall out or having difficulty breaking the seal to take it out.

And of course you can misplace or lose them as they are not in your mouth all the time. My friend would tell you that we spent hours searching for my denture and finally found it in my pocket.

I take mine out when I don’t expect to see anyone, but then you aren’t able to snack. How many times have I put food in my mouth and then realized I couldn’t chew because I ‘d taken out my teeth, I admit sometimes I have tried to chew with my gums, not a pretty sight and you can’t have anything hard, ice cream is okay.

I wonder how it feels to kiss someone with dentures, I mean passionate kissing, how about when both parties have dentures? As I have no one interested in kissing me passionately, I won’t know the answer to that. Can you tell me?

Nunca me Dieron Serenata

30 years in Panama and I never got a single serenade from my serenating husband. Maybe if I had things could have been different.

I didn’t think I could ask for one, it’s supposed to be a surprise isn’t it? All of a sudden you hear music under your window dedicated to you and you think, oh my god those guys are so drunk. Cuz that’s when they seranade. ( sorry I can’t seem to spell today)

It didn’t happen so frequently once we moved to the city but if I saw him leaving with guitar in hand it was suspicious, someone was getting a serenade, but not me.

Why not? I liked music and sentiment as much as anyone, why was I not favored?

Back in EL Real I heard of a few serenades for special occasions, for Mother’s day it was popular to offer a serenade, and my husband always complied, just not for me. Couldn’t he find anyone to sing with him for me? Just one thing missing of many during those years as I think back to how my life has changed so dramatically, where would we be now if I’d stayed. I’m kidding here, he was a good man and still is a good man. And now he has a wife that appreciates him, I hope he serenades her We just didn’t know how to be good together. We were not a “we” just a her and a he.

Happy Birthday Enrique!

Laundry – This is all about RV laundry


I’m finding that I am much more tolerant of inconveniences in this space I live in. Nothing matters too much life is simple, except for getting the laundry done.I should have left clothes behind that I won’t wear until spring/summer and then just buy a few things when I need them., like Reacher, who travels with what he has on and a toothbrush, he buys what he needs and tosses his old. Never having to pack anything. You know who I mean? Tell me if you do.

Instead I have some nice things stored in a box taking up space in my loft and some others hanging in my one closet ( because what would I do with them, I might need them someday, somewhere?) Now I wear the same clothes day after day and really only need a few pairs of sweat pants/tops. I don’t like going to town in sweats but I did it, won’t do it again, looks too sloppy, got to maintain a certain self respect.

I can see myself coming to the point of not changing clothes to sleep in, just stripping down and climbing into my heated blanket, no need for pj’s, one less item to wash or more if you change pj’s every night. I have lots of are socks and underwear. I have lots of tops I haven’t worn cuz it’s too cold.

Everyone here wears their clothes at least 3 times, and there’s no reason not too. , one friend told me he last washed clothes in May and he always looks nice and clean. Gone are the days of wearing an item once and tossing it into the laundry for washing whenever I want.

Laundry, this is all about laundry .

I can’t remember ever using a laundrymat , don’t even know how to spell it, washateria? It’s a simple thing slide your quarters in (16) add soap and wait. same with drier and wait again. If you are lucky and have arrived before the crowd you can get out of there quickly but sometimes you have to wait for a empty machine. You can read, converse with others stuck doing their laundry in public , or as I did last trip, I went back inside my RV to pick up stuff that had fallen during the trip into town. Cuz stuff always falls.

Soon all that will change. I’m waiting to hear about my smart car, it’s been a challenge that I have made worse by thinking I’d buy it here in NM. Instead I will buy it in EL Paso when it gets there, I am hopeful I’ll have the car soon so I can do my errands when I want to do them, without bringing my house along , but I’ll still have to do the laundry.