Nothing in the Past is more Important than Today

It’s my 76th birthday today]

I just keep getting older, thank you.

I’ve had and am having a good life . There have been disappointments here and there but nothing I can remember at the moment, memory is a funny thing, now I have only good memories while life hasn’t been always easy. But to come to now with only good thoughts is the test of a successful life, nothing in the past is more important than today. 

Happy Birthday to me.

Am I a Recluse or Just a Boring Person?

People wear me out with Endless Conversation

It is said that having close social groups are important factors in longevity and health.

What if being alone doesn’t bother you? Worse, what if you like it?

If I had to choose to be alone or being with a person that talks all the time I would choose to be alone. I would, to avoid the stress that it would cause me. I am lacking in social skills and tolerance.

My social skills are poor and they are getting worse as I find I am intolerant of conversations that mean nothing or are an annoyance to me.What does that say about me?

Rude? Intolerant? Disinterested? Boring? Dull? Special?

All of the above?

When do you have opportunity to think, while there is conversation going on?

You have to think how to respond hardly listening to what is being said, while you plan what you will say, so no one is really listening, just waiting for a break in conversation so one can have a turn to speak with the people next to you, or the one inside your head.

We don’t give ourselves time to just think. Life gets too busy on the outside to be able to take the time needed to really think and understand ourselves and our world.

This used to bother me, make me uncomfortable in social groups but now at 76 years of age I don’t try too hard to fit in., I am a boring person.

I may be rude and I have no small talk. Please excuse me,

But if by chance you ask me who I am, you might be surprised to find that I too have a story to tell, but I’ll probably just write it here.

I am a boring person