I had Hoped to get Outside Today

(You may want to skip this post if you feel queeezzy or are not interested in dentistry and dentures cuz that is my rant today.)

It looks miserable out there, the wind is back, the sky is gray it’s raining little crinkly sounds on my roof so I’m inside thinking about food.

I’m a tiny bit bored and I want a cookie.

I have some frozen dough I want to try the little 3 in one breakfast set to bake 4 cookies. Alas, there is no way to control the temperature and though I was watchful, the cookies burned.

I ate them anyway.

My friend Robert brought me some good chocolate, at my request, because everything is better when I have chocolate. Life is good.

I need to take some pictures to add here. I want to get out and about soon so I have interesting things to write about and hopefully I’ll have a car to get around I want to make my posts interesting. It’s fun for me to see when someone reads here, like my efforts are validated and maybe useful to someone or at least amusing, The time it takes to write here is time well spent for me, I have plenty of time. I have to spell my words, find the words I want to use, and often have to change the word I want to write because I can’t spell it. I need to think and remember so I can tell my stories before they are gone.

The worst experience I’ve had in this past year would have to be my dentures, (as we don’t talk about the real worst thing that happened). No one talks about their dentures, it’s an embarrassment to admit you have them or need them. They don’t talk about the pain of becoming edentulous (toothlessness) nor the months it takes for your mouth to get comfortable again…….actually I’m not sure that ever happens. Having this big apparatus in your mouth extending up to your nose changes the shape of your face. I lost 20 pounds during this painful period, I’d have been happy losing 10 pounds, 20 was too much as I can tell from my photos of little old lady shrinkage.

You have to figure out how much glue you use to fasten them, not too much, or too little, it’s between losing control of your teeth and having it fall out or having difficulty breaking the seal to take it out.

And of course you can misplace or lose them as they are not in your mouth all the time. My friend would tell you that we spent hours searching for my denture and finally found it in my pocket.

I take mine out when I don’t expect to see anyone, but then you aren’t able to snack. How many times have I put food in my mouth and then realized I couldn’t chew because I ‘d taken out my teeth, I admit sometimes I have tried to chew with my gums, not a pretty sight and you can’t have anything hard, ice cream is okay.

I wonder how it feels to kiss someone with dentures, I mean passionate kissing, how about when both parties have dentures? As I have no one interested in kissing me passionately, I won’t know the answer to that. Can you tell me?

2 thoughts on “I had Hoped to get Outside Today

  1. If I am going to come it will have to be soon. When planting time comes at the end of March I will want to be here. I sound just like Mom. I was surprized


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