I am a Happy Camper !

Well I don’t identify myself as a camper, what I’m doing isn’t anything like camping it certainly isn’t rustic, though some folks might think it is! I’m more like a mobile …….. person…we need a new word to refer to our lifestyle, I am at the lower end of this category if we must categorize ourselves (my next door neighbor has a rig with two bathrooms,) this is where I want to be.

I am a happy woman, today my new speakers arrived What a beautiful difference, my DVD Player is now a pleasure to listen with good range of tones, plenty of base.. Bose companion speakers for free from my credit card points what a great deal.!!!! Yah, I know you get nothing for nothing, but it feels good.

Andrea sounds incredible even on my old setup but now it sounds like he is singing to me, love that voice. .

I made meat loaf in my insta-pot today. I was disappointed and it didn’t look appetizing, it looked nude, like it wasn’t cooked, no browning I suppose one could brown it in the broiler, I added lots catsup and that helped……..do I have a broiler? RV kitchen equipment isn’t the same as household I haven’t used the oven except for that time I burned the pizza. I need to figure out the temperature problem before I burn anything more. I invited Robert and he said it was okay, probably better as left-overs I think…I hope cuz left-overs there are. The beer helped I think plus a whif of weed.

I was thinking the other day that if anyone asked me what is my favorite item that I’ve bought for the RV. I’d have to say my water pitcher heater, so convenient and quick to heat some water. Doesn’t take much space, I don’t see the make but got it at target

I am less satisfied with this three in one set, difficult to manage temperature burnt toast, coffee doesn’t seem very hot, one side of the grill is hotter than the other side. But its cute and coordinates with my red kitchen space.

Not that anyone will ask me what are my favorite items are but just in case I’m ready with my answer.

I don’t know about the insta pot yet, seems everyone here has one and love them. I’ll need to try some more recipes, should I get them in my inbox?


Does anyone else feel frustrated when you go to a website to find something and are asked to add your email before you even get to see the site to know if you really need or want anything there. I was looking for a recipe for the instapot and each site asked me to add my email address for recipes to be sent to my mailbox directly. Just what I need more junk in my inbox.. One site wouldn’t even open if you didn’t give your address. I don’t blame them they want something for their efforts but it’s annoying . One even had a commercial product review of soap. The web is turning us all into consumers looking for ways to monetize our time and energy.

Well Damn, now I’ll need something to write about!

I’ve been here irregularly not always finding the mood to write but suddenly I have people reading my stuff (tho it may be due to one recent topic of interest ) and it has surprised me and made me think maybe I have something to say!

I loved painting this, my dots period but I had to use it outside my RV when the cover to the hot water heater fell off!

The difference between having readers and not having readers is having something of value to say. My life may be interesting to people because of the choices I’ve made and how and why I’ve made them. So I thank my new readers. I don’t promise what I write will charm anyone but I’ll write in my voice of an old woman working thru her thoughts and concerns, some days down and some days up but always steady forward in my journey on this road less traveled.

Do remember that as I write here I do so as a kind of self- therapy, trying to beat back the troubling mental decline of age I sense is just around the corner..

Print on Demand Shops…my stuff on your stuff!

I have most of my images on zazzle and redbubble and Fine Art America, where you can put images of my paintings on dozens of things, they’re print on demand companies. You can put a print on cell phone cases, cards, clothes, computer covers mugs and the list goes on and on, I make a small commission when you buy something. Check out Fine art America at kathleen-othon-pixels where I have a website, you can order directly from your phone!

The ‘birds of Panama’ is a popular choice for cell phones, Pillows and more.

I think I’ll get some of those cool totes at either place. I haven’t order them before so I’ll order one from each company and review them here. You can click below to see them.

I just got the tote from Zazzle.com with the birds on it, it looks very sturdy, is huge and I like it, it will be very useful and attractive for shopping.



http://kathleen-othon-pixels.com. (Fine Art America)