Feeling a little low Today

Comforting myself with a few spoonfuls of Nutella, chocolate always makes me feel better.

It was another windy day but not cold, without the sun it felt dreary. Today I planned to either varnish my tiles or cover my kitchen with the paper that finally arrived to do the job. I chose to do the kitchen.

It was tough to do the job alone, a helper would be good but two people in here makes for a tight space. The paper tore when I tried to reposition it for the 4th time, but I was able to piece it together

I made the mistake of covering a table when I should have been covering the kitchen counter. It was the counter that I bought to paper for (it came from China I believe, as many things do on Amazon do)

Faux Gloosy Marble Contact Paper for Countertop Self Adhesive Vinyl Film Peel and Stick Granite Shelf Liner 24 x117 Inches

So when I went to do the kitchen, I didn’t have enough! I had to piece it in many places to cover it and it looks bad.

I’m disappointed.

I’ll have to do it over …some day,

Meanwhile it looks nice on the table…it’s not really a table, it’s the shelve that Jose made.

And I didn’t have enough to do the bathroom, that small bit of a ledge there.

I need to put the nutella down!

Tomorrow I’ll varnish my tiles, I have a couple new spots to put them, over the microwave and over the fridge. but I don’t have the adhesive , I wonder about the spray gorilla glue would hold them.

Guess I”ll find out.