One kooky response so far……dating younger men?

Nice day today spent some time with the mirror, the spoons and decided my face doesn’t match one side to the other, so maybe it wasn’t the spoons that made the difference but one side was always puffier than the other side. Had not looked so closely at my face in quite awhile, not a pleasant picture, but really it is w…..

I got a very nice email from my Colorado friend, I think we could be friends,he sounds sincere and kind, gave me his background so I replied with some of mine.

Someone else says he is 57 lives in Miami and he likes my photos and profile. I responded that Miami is far from NM and that I’m 20 years older than he is. He responded that he knew that as he read my profile before texting me.

He lists a Masters degree but has misspelled words on his profile. of course I can forgive that as it happens to me all the time right here! But I’m not trying to please or impress anyone here, you almost expect it of me right?

So I wrote that I’d already had a relationship with a man 20 years younger than me and it couldn’t end well, besides I’m old with wrinkles and In debt and wasn’t a good match for him, to find someone closer in miles and years and good luck. Haven’t seen a response to that yet and will delete him from my army of old men possibilities.

Not much happening but a couple that lives here is moving across the street to another park they will manage for free rent and other perks. Why I mention our park gossip is that they will be leaving empty a very prime spot with two trees on it, it’s a larger space than mine and is at the end of the park so more private with better wifi as no one is parked in front of you. I’m going to see about moving my stuff there, they’ll be moving February 1st. I wonder how much $ to move the studio that far, that’s not far at all, and my garden, glad nothing is growing now. This is almost exciting as……….yeah

I know I’ve been writing more lately , I seem to write in splurges and then go for weeks, even months without writing a word. It’s a pattern already set but things are moving, I sense changes happening around me, hopefully good things either personal or simply geography… like a move down the row of RVs! Meanwhile I’ll be writing about it here and hope not to bore anyone or make anyone upset when I make outrageous or personal observations about the state of my world.