It was a Hesitant half step into dating and a quick back step out

He doesn’t like dogs! I mean he really doesn’t like dogs, he dislikes them more than he wants to get to know me. Thank goodness I wrote about Charley so We realized this before any more time passed. I hope he finds who he is looking for soon. As for me, I’m sorry for anyone who dislikes dogs, and I’m pretty sure my readers would agree that one has to wonder why, but I don’t think that would be our only problem, he seemed pretty rigid, doubt he’d think my life style acceptable. I gave him this web address and I’m sorry I gave it to him.

Oh well, life goes on here in Caballo

Problem today is that my hose is not working because it’s stuffed full of green slimy algae like stuff…but it’s not the hose, I’ve had this problem before and was able to fix it then, now I’m not too sure.

Fixed it, for now, yup, the filter was full of this stuff, maybe with this super hose it won’t keep happening. I do use a brita for drinking water.

Sunny today, but chilly

I took my plants out to enjoy a few rays and spent some time in the studio with my man Bocelli on amazon , and walked with Charleykins to the dog park. I may take a nap, its unlikly but I wish I could be a nap taker, I could use the extra sleep.

Just got an email from Elite telling me my account was never deleted, which is different from” your account has been deleted” so I guess I have 6 months to find my “soulmate”.

Something to think about, there’s a lot of old men out there, lonely people looking for a companion. Not sure there is room in my life, I would have to be swept off my feet to give up this paradise I’m living! I would have to be treasured and taken care of, not be someone ‘s nurse. Which at this point is what old men are looking for, not to be cynical it can be hard accepting reality.

But a few years with a good man might not be so bad, could I finally become a we instead of just a me?


“Shut up and Go To Sleep”

Rude, I know but my brain just doesn’t stop grinding over anything that pops up and a lot has been popping up lately.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had joined a dating app, EliteSingles. My daughter met some nice people on a similar app so I thought I’d give it a try…..I joined and three days later I quit, thinking it was asking to quit adding another payment when my period of time was up, it was $100plus and I didn’t think that was necessary, but actually the whole account was cancelled without a refund after using it for just 3 days. I’ve requested help but doubt anyone cares, they got their money.

I did meet a nice guy but he hates dogs so that ended that quickly.

As I am as old as I am, the faces of men as possibles matches were all old too. I consider myself a young old lady and I’m sure most of the men feel they are as well but…………….really? I’m pretty happy as I am but this has made me think that there could be yet another page added to this ever changing life.

And change is good.

But I’m not expecting any great love affair to come of it. Don’t know if I’m ready to re-enter regular society after my boho life style I’ve been living.

Living in an RV brings complications one doesn’t think of, like having your fresh water hose freezing during the night and finding you have no water flowing in the morning. This happens even to the well prepared in grand RV’s not only my humble GG. After considering the fact that we will probably have more freezing nights I have ordered the super dooper blue hose which supposedly resolves that issue at a fairly reasonable investment that lasts for many years so I won’t wake up with no water again (until the sun warms the hose which had been the case in past years)

My plants are all happily living in the cab of the RV, thriving in fact so I don’t need to keep the studio heated for them which is a plus. I think I can save them til Spring.

It’s cold, yesterday I went to Hatch at 7:30 to do laundry and it was 21 degrees with frost on my windshield, but we still have the best weather, no snow here.