Doña Aleida Othòn de Rodriguez 29octubre 1926-24 de enero 2022

An Elegant Dama, to me she was more than a sister-in-law. She was a friend when a friend was needed, she was kind to a young girl lost in a new place not always friendly, we were unable to communicate freely but she was able to bridge the gap and made me feel welcome and part of her family.

She will be remembered for more than her famous arroz con pollo, her holiday ron ponche, and Christmas would not have been Christmas without her holiday table always beautifully set in her exquisite style. She was an gracious artist of her life, with flowers around her where ever she lived, she had a way with her that made life flourish around her.

I regret not having spent more time with her, I wish I could have spent the month in Panama with her when invited, the time was wrong, then never right and now too late. Her presence will be missed by many, her large family, close and far.


3 thoughts on “Doña Aleida Othòn de Rodriguez 29octubre 1926-24 de enero 2022

  1. She is gone, but not forgotten. Think of the catapiller transforms into a butterfly. So she transformed back to spirit. She left behind her 3D form but left all who knew her with beautiful memories. You’ll meet again. She’s gone, but her memory remains. Treasure it .

    Peace, Joy and Love


  2. I’m so sorry Kathy,
    I try so hard not to miss these opportunities.
    What I leave undone in my life, will always haunt me
    A friend from CO just died, I had tried to contact her, but just let it go.
    Now it to late.
    Hopefully I can send regrets to her husband.
    We have to do it now.
    Later is too late

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