One hour away?

That makes me cautious. He says he is just one hour away and can meet me, he likes my smile. He quit the app because he was getting too many nude shots of woman wanting something, well,

I quit too after a day but found I was not quitted. I wonder if he gets his money back? He says I won’t be disappointed and to give him my email address. Should I?

Another writes “what would you change if you had had the opportunity and means to change your life”. Hmmm how to answer that? But it is a different way to see things on a date app. Not sure I’ll answer.

There a nice looking cowboy complete with horses and stables a nice cowboy hat. Joan O you might want to check that!

Also one photo sideways of the nude chest of an obese male with a smile that made me quickly delete him. So far he was the most cringe worthy person I’ve seen.

80% of the men are in Arizona, I suspect there are plenty of lonely women there too so they should look closer to home, be then I’d have no one to choose from.

I just got an email from the elite people telling me they are investigating the guy that says he’s an hour away and that I should delete him and if I’ve given him any personal information I should call my bank! I knew there was something off about him, see I have good instincts. He worried me right off.