Colorado man returns? why?

What do you think about this development, certainly unexpected and uninvited.

He left me, we were barely friendly when he left me, yet he was always ready to help me as my friend and he did, as a friend, and yet he left me

And now what does he expect by coming back?

I have nothing left for him, maybe that friendship he expressed when he left me, that might work, but I’ve learned about his personality type and of relationships within the type and that’s not acceptable to me now.

I’m thankful that I took the time to understand what happened. He’s a man who can be a good friend who loves you one day and the next, you’re just someone he knows.

He should just keep traveling

But I am curious. I’m curious to know how everything back home turned out when he got there as he never communicated how it all went. So I’m curious as a disinterested friend might be.

I’m very content right now, I have a developing relationship that I believe is healthy and promising and nothing is going to change that.

Ghost clouds

2 thoughts on “Colorado man returns? why?

  1. That’s really weird.
    Is he in the same park?
    Did he come to see you?
    Did he call?
    What the hell is he thinking


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