And now he wants back!

I can hardly believe him, Am I expected to forgive him? Am I stupid? Am I so lonely that his behavior is acceptable? no, No, No!

He says the fact that I didn’t need him while redoing, repainting GG made him unhappy so when another woman offered to drive back to CO to help him with cleaning out his rv he said sure thing and left with her. No matter that I didn’t know about this person, no matter that I was confused and crying for days. No matter that I had offered to go with him to help him, no matter at all.

I guess I expected more from him because of his background, I expected honor, Truth, sincerity and I got none of that. Now he’s sorry, very sorry because that woman didn’t turn out to be helpful after all and he ended up bring her back home, neither feeling friendly toward the other.

I told him I thought he must be a narcissistic fool, to love one day and the next be totally over it with no feeling left for the person supposedly loved. I told him he was an ass hole, he agreed.

Told him I could forgive him, I thought him foolish to think we could go back to being as we were, even friendship was unlikely at this point. He cried, I did not, I’m over him, disappointed in him, he should move on as I am.