I’m getting a little Worried about Myself

I’m doing really dumb things

Showing a lack of attention

for instance,

I bought a new light for the studio at Walmart but it didn’t get home with me, probably left it in the cart.

Left clothes in the dryer at the laundry completely did not miss them until I got a text asking me if I’d forgotten them.

But the worst thing I did

I dropped my ipad in the washing machine

together with the clothes, how could I have not noticed that? I take my ipad with me to do laundry (and I’d stuck it in the laundry bag) so I can play a game while waiting. But I spent the time talking to some people so I didn’t miss the ipad and didn’t know until I took the clothes out and found it, of course destroyed, If I’d spent the time sitting and waiting I would have noticed but I wasn’t in the room while it was washed.

I almost cried! Not so much for the lost ipad but for the circumstances of its demise.

I’m almost too embarrassed to write about it here but this is my life now.

So three things in 3 days

Dumb things that had I been paying attention would not have happened. I told my daughter to be prepared, I have aged quite a bit since I’ve last seen her. Not only mentally, I have some great smile wrinkles that are new, and fragile skin. But my bones are great, they must be because I took a nasty fall getting out of the RV last week and thought I’d done damage to my knee. It hurt like hell for awhile but is getting better everyday, no broken bones and a friend added a more stable step to my door that should avoid any more falls.

Falls are one thing that can really be a danger for old ladies.

My son bought me a new Ipad!

5 thoughts on “I’m getting a little Worried about Myself

  1. I empathize with you. Glad you got another pad. Someone said you couldn’t get it bright enough to see. Did you check you setting? You should be able to adjust it from there.

    Exercise helps with memory and mindfulness. Pumps blood to brain. We all forget things at times. Don’t stress .

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  2. Hi Kathy,
    I consider aging as a struggle that you must fight daily. Do NOT go quietly in the night saying “well I am old so I fall down.” Bull Shit. Say “Dumb Ass-look where you are going.” Oh yes, it helps tremendously to swear. Furthermore-part of the fight is to try to look good-makeup for the wrinkles, short flirty skirts for the confidence and every now and then have false eyelashes glued on.(They stay on for 3-4 weeks.) for good cheer. You must think POSITIVELY! I just started guitar lessons-they say it takes ten years to learn to really play-SO-I am looking at starting a rock band when I am 90.
    It sounds to me as though you are a little down considering your recent incidents. Think positive-you were able to find your rv, you are independent, doing a great lifestyle and u r probably the envy of many dependent women.
    Merry Christmas Kathy,


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    1. That was just what I needed to hear Karen! I’m getting a guitar too so I can join your group in 10 years. Happy Holidays….thank you for your Panama invite, I hope I can take you up on your offer some day..thinking positive in that direction.


  3. I’m so sorry that these things are happening to you, believe me I KNOW!!!!
    It has been especially bad since Haynes passed, which is just a week, but I was traumatized by the drive home.
    I can’t put 2 thoughts together.
    Tracy tells me that I have to pay extra attention, especially now.
    I know she’s right, but I’m so scattered.
    Thank the Lord for your good son.
    Anyone who’s a days that these are the golden years, is either young or insane.
    At least we are all on this same trip.
    Love you my sister in forgetfullness.
    As the English would say ” keep your pecker up “

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  4. For quite a few years my Dad’s been saying, “Gettin’ old isn’t for wimps!” – at 62 I already know what he means! He’ll be 92 in May. God bless us all!

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