A Great Response! Thank You Karen!

This is a great response I got after my last post about the problems of aging, just what I needed to hear from an old friend even older than I! A good kick in the pants” I needed! I just have to share it here.

Hi Kathy,
I consider aging as a struggle that you must fight daily. Do NOT go quietly in the night saying “well I am old so I fall down.” Bull Shit. Say “Dumb Ass-look where you are going.” Oh yes, it helps tremendously to swear. Furthermore-part of the fight is to try to look good-makeup for the wrinkles, short flirty skirts for the confidence and every now and then have false eyelashes glued on.(They stay on for 3-4 weeks.) for good cheer. You must think POSITIVELY! I just started guitar lessons-they say it takes ten years to learn to really play-SO-I am looking at starting a rock band when I am 90.
It sounds to me as though you are a little down considering your recent incidents. Think positive-you were able to find your rv, you are independent, doing a great lifestyle and u r probably the envy of many dependent women.
Merry Christmas Kathy,


I love this!

Okay I didn’t go out to buy eyelashes but I did get some purple eye shadow! She is right. I don’t mind getting old … how silly to mind! I can make some improvements, just the other day a woman told me ‘it’s easy to let yourself go here, I looked around and saw I was the only person wearing slippers to the happy hour! I doubt she meant me, but she looked very put together. I’ll take all this into consideration and stop complaining but you know, it gives me something to write about!

Yeah, purple eye shadow! And age control daily cream by equate (Walmart brand cuz when we get old we are often poor)

I think I’ll get a guitar and start learning so I can join the band!

8 thoughts on “A Great Response! Thank You Karen!

  1. I tried to write.
    No no no
    It won’t write nO no ho.
    I’ve tried 3 times !!!!!
    Is there something bad about
    There I did it.
    Merry Christmas

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  2. Kathy,
    I am glad you did not take offense!
    Hey purple eyeshadow is a start-why not invest in a bit of pinkish purple blush and a touch of pink/purple lipstick? Your picture is great but it needs color. This helps avoid the SLIPPERY SLOPE. Symptoms of the slippery slope are:

    1. VERY short haircut so you do nothing with your hair. ( No that is NOT YOU)
    2. Wearing muu muus all the time.
    3. Wearing flip flops all the time
    4. Weight gain-hence the muu muus.
    5. Making strange old lady sounds ( will leave that to your imagination.)

    I have just one more suggestion, and you may very well be doing it.
    Walking is the king of exercise—but WAIT—

    Start free weights and an exercise routine 3 times a week. Start with 2 pound weights with bicep curls tricep kicks-lots of info on internet. Do a series of each exercise.
    Get on you tube and blast AVICII
    Hey Brother, Levels-he is (was) a master of EDM ( electronic dance music) revered by millions! You simply cannot stay still –

    End with a couple of balance exercises that will help stability.

    Well I am Going to leave you alone now



  3. Wonderful post, Kathy; and, I loved reading the entire thread! You are so beautiful, inside and out, I wouldn’t worry, if I were you. However, I did suggest, to a friend my age, That we should die a streak of color in our hair – for fun! 🙂 Merry Christmas. Happiest of New Year’s! Love, and hugs…..


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