Tomorrow is the big DAY


So far I have removed and cleaned the tire covers.

Moved the picnic table that was behind the RV, and the chairs and (the nasty stuff under the rv I took to the trash.)

Moved all the clothes that hang in the cab and repaired the window covering that provides privacy.

Took down the dishes and glasses that will break during the move, and put the toaster tea pot inside a cart that has brakes along with a few other things

Put a board across my book shelves so they don’t fly.

Hung hanged a bunch of clothes in the pantry to see if that will prevent the door opening and stuff falling out, like they did the last time I moved, don’t see a better way to restain the door because it sets on the outside of the wall, can’t stick a knife between the wall and the door to hold it, that would have been an easy fix, still thinking about that.

All this to get enough gas in GIGI so I can check the generator before my help gets here to fix whatever else might be wrong. I don’t think there is anything wrong wiith it but probably needs service of some sort.

I guess maybe I’ll check the mail while out, PO is down the road about 5 miles and gas about 3 miles and then I will be tempted to go to town, no I thnk not, waste of gas without needing anything.

Charley is going to hate this.

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the big DAY

  1. Are you just moving around in campground or are you planning to take roots somewhere else? Sounds like you are doing well. Hope so


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