Galletas María

They are not really that great, kind of simple, bland, not a lot of flavor, but I bought a whole box of them. 4 rolls. So why buy them!

They remind me of Panama.

I am a reminiscent buyer of memories. Do you ever do this, I find I do it often, it’s a way to keep those memories close. Every time I eat a cracker it will remind me of Panama early days before we could buy from the Panama Canal commissary.

That brings another memory, buying stuff from the commissary and later the PX. We had privileges, as I was an employee of the Panama Canal Company, and later of the Department of Defense so we could go and buy where the rest of the family could not. So you know we did a lot of family grocery shopping that never made it home….our home. Especially around the holidays, hams and turkeys bought in several trips rerouted to family homes. Everyone did the same, some on a much larger scale, you could see px sales down the street by some enterprising souls. Efforts made by those in charge to keep those products only for those with privileges and punishment for those who disrespected those efforts, were laughable. We did it for family. Knowing someone with privileges was an asset!. We didn’t abuse it too much or too often.

Interesting times.

So, galletas maría, papaya for Elias,(I winder if he still likes it) potato fries for Evan, just a few things I buy because of the memories they bring me.

Walking down to the lake

Preferably that is how I would get to the lake.

But it really hurts my legs and hips, and hey, they are old and tired , so I finally bought a park pass and can drive down and get to the same place I would walk to. The park property is close to the RV park I don’t know why I had not thought to get the day pass for $40-year before now. Did I tell you this already? Sorry if I did, absent minded I am.

It’s super windy today, glad I don’t have to go anywhere. Neither the RV nor the smart car do well in the wind so I just stay out of it and am taking the time to write here and plan new posts to schedule for the next few days….so I don’t bore you with too many posts in one day.

I tried riding a friends new bike today. I fell into my garden and smacked my knee pretty good. The bike is heavier than I expected, apparently drives itself, which is why I tumbled, it was ready before I was. I wasn’t prepared and was possibly pushing on the handle accellerator thingy when it took off pretty much without me. She loves her bike but its not for me, the thing folds up, how about that!. (Why did the print just change here?) So much to learn! I like it

My knee is fine, just a little bruised, Im a tough ole gal with strong bones, thanks to my jeans! Not what I wanted to write but I have problems remembering how to find and spell my words.