I know it’s been awhile…….

I’ve been very busy in my new life in Adkins Texas.

A quick recap of the last 6 months

Awhile back I decided to do something about my single status and joined a dating site for silver singles, I met a very nice guy, you remember Colorado man, it didn’t work out for us fortunately, because after that discouraging episode I got back on another site and met Richard in June. We wrote and talked on the phone until SEPTEMBER WHEN I DECIDED TO BITE THE BULLET, and move to Texas while keeping GG close by just in case I needed to skidaddle. No skidaddling happening here. I now live in a lovely home a bit larger than GG, she could easily fit into my dining room! This is a photo of a bit of my living room.

I’ve had fun rearranging everything, rearranging Richards life, his furniture, his Knick knacks, and trying to make it feel like home for us….adding lots of plants has helped me feel less homesick for my friends in Caballo.

Charley fits right in, hasn’t worn a leash since we got here. But the best part of the move is not the large beautiful home, the best part is definitely the man. Generous, gracious, kind, loving, all describe my Richard. I am very fortunate and do my best to deserve my good luck and am happy to say that he feels the good luck is his.

Home sweet home!

6 thoughts on “I know it’s been awhile…….

  1. So very happy for you, Kathy. I was just going to call you the other day, as I hadn’t heard from you.
    You make a very nice looking couple; and, it appears that things are working out beautifully.

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  2. So happy for you Kate. Somehow I knew you’d get flower & color into your new home. Happy also for Charley being lease free. He’s a free spirit, just like his person. You both are still missed, but the important thing is you are happy.

    Peace, Joy and Happiness


  3. Kathy, that’s absolutely wonderful. I am so happy for you. It looks fabulous.🤗 God Bless you both. Do you have a phone number,, or would you prefer email?

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