My Peace painting

How many peace signs can you find? I like how this came together, will take it to the gallery this week, proceeds will be a donation for the people of Ukraine. Via UNICEF I guess. it’s a large painting, I took my time and it has multiple layers of paint, what do you think? can you see a story in it?


Tail Gate Art, seemed like a good idea!

IMG_3974 2but it only lasted two weekends of parking in the apartment parking lot before I was asked to take my paintings inside the tenants’ clubhouse.

No one knew I was there.

No sales.

I have moved from the apartment anyway and now plan to take my paintings to farmers markets instead.  I think it will be fun to sit with my sister helper (thank goodness) Saturdays to meet people and check out the veggies and hope for some attention to my paintings.


My Painted Mola

When I painted this I did not think to paint a mola and only realized it when it was finished. I lived in Panama for 30 years but never thought to paint an intricate mola but I like this and think turned out well.  I did paint a mola on a table that I sent to Hawaii


I did paint a mola on a table. that I sent to Hawaii to a family that had lived in Panama they saw my table they asked me to send it to them, it was a gift.