Thanks Frank!

It’s getting really hot but hasn’t been windy for the past 3 days and Frank came by today to add 2 more coats of rubber to my RV roof. He says it looks fine and should be good for another two years, that is how often you need to refresh your RV roof. He’s a good guy after all.

I thank Frank for another reason, he is teaching me about pot. I’d tried pot a few times with no effect at all until a few months ago when with my friend Robert I had a most disagreeable reaction. I think it was the third puff I took that changed my opinion about pot. It really did have an effect but not one I would want to repeat. I felt I could not control my legs, very unsteady everything shifted in front of me and I was not in control, scary feeling for a woman used to being in control at least of herself.

I’m told that this can happen with newbies especially if you are not in a controlled situation and we were not, we were out walking by the lake. It was a unsteady scary walk back to my RV but it passed in 15-20 minutes and I was fine.

So why would I pursue this?

I have reasons.

I am hopeful that if I could manage to use pot instead of my IC medications I could stop at least two medications I have to take to keep the interstitial cystitis at bay. I doubt it would heal my sick bladder but maybe control pain because the medications I have to take don’t heal the bladder either and only help to prevent pain some of the time, but one med raises my heart rate so I have to take a pill to slow it down. I could be pain /medication free. If pot would do that for me it would be all good.

Yes, I could get medical pot probably, I don’t know what is involved to get it or how much it costs and yes it is still illegal in NM but won’t be much longer (I’m told). It doesn’t seem to be a big problem to get it, I’ve been referred to a source I’m going to check out. I don’t think anyone really cares whether you smoke it or not. I’d rather not smoke it but need to learn what are the options. I will continue to research, thanks Frank.