I Am Binge Writing Tonight

I can go for weeks without the urge to write here until I have all these simple thoughts accumulated and it’s time to purge.

I know that sounds rude.

They are not big thoughts but…..

I want  to be more cognizant of the fact that now I can do anything,

be anything

go anywhere,

do whatever or not do anything at all

with no  limits but those I put on myself,

to not be afraid of doing something stupid.

I want these years I have left to grow  towards greater understanding of myself and life around me and not be satisfied with just passing the time pleasantly.

I want more.

Oh, I’ll tell you about my fingers getting crooked, ( I just noticed my little pinky is bent) the hassles I encounter and  details of living my life,  but every now and then I hope for a spark of something worth sharing.

Surely a 76 year old woman must have something to shareAPC_0024.jpg of value.

(birthday coming up, no longer just only a 75 year old)

I do go on and on about my age don’t I, somehow my age makes me relevant here.


My to-do list, Everybody has one.


Get a toad asap

  1. Touch up paint messes I’m a sloppy painter, just ask my sister!
  2. Finish bathroom shower scrub out the pink color accidently sprayed there
  3. varnish tiles in the bathroom and decide what to do with the new tiles
  4. work on my quilt that I’m making, covering an old quilt with Indian fabric that I love.
  5. staple fabric to front seats, yah not sure how this will work out
  6. read a chaper of ‘don Quijote in Spanish
  7. Figure out how to add those things so the door doesn’t fall on my head or hold open.
  8. Tighten the cubicles in loft last time I moved they moved too when they should not have moved
  9. Buy wine beer and food. The fridge is empty
  10. Get the toad asap

Why list this stuff here?  It’s for myself to remind myself that I have things to do!  Important things too.  But most importantly Get the Toad!

You like that hat?  I paid $100 for it at a Duluth MN art fair so I must wear it, it is beautifully hand made by Patti Berg original. It was hard to choose just one hat. this is an older photo of the hat and me. I like it better.1620753_10203287161489436_1977382756_n