GG my gas guzzling RV and I went to T or C for propane

A few days ago my propane ran out so we went to Tor C to fill the tank, but when I tried to light the pilot light on the water heater I couldn’t.

Neither could my helpful neighbors. We tried changing the thermocupler but it wasn’t the problem, time to get expert help.

helpful neighbors

Chip, who is said to know everything about RV’s was called. We decided to say good bye to propane and he made it all electric using a PL gas-to-electric conversion kit. I don’t see myself camping without electric services anywhere anymore so I think it a good plan. Now I want to sell the parts I’d bought for the new small tank that I no longer need, maybe on craigs list.

I’ve been thinking about getting a dog. I keep myself busy but a couple weeks ago I was feeling a little lonely and not getting out to walk. I have plenty of things I can do and a few things I should do but haven’t done. Maybe walking a dog would be good and I’d have something to take care of besides myself. The cons don’t outweigh the pros but I need to go check out the humane society to find out more availability and cost. Must be small and not noisy

It’s too hot!

The trip to Truth or Consequences was as usual messy. The door to my pantry flew open and stuff landed everywhere as I carefully turned a corner, the bathroom door opened but I had put stuff in the shower so not much mess, I need to put hooks on to keep these doors closed while traveling. Otherwise we’re traveling easier than before and going for propane was the only time I went anywhere in GG and now I don’t need to do even that now.

Life goes on as I anxiously await the fall and cooler days so I can get out to my studio which now is too hot except early am or late pm, both times which I’m asleep!

My Hot Water Dilemma, is ongoing……….

I’ve been going out several times daily since we removed the stove to restart the hot water heater without success,  I thought it was something I was doing wrong,  it has always been hard for me to get it IMG_0017 lit but I’d usually finally get it lit in the end.  

I was determined to do it myself but when Lupy, my acupuncture friend came by to look at my sink ( new faucet) I gave in and asked him to light my pilot light for me.

He couldnt either and found there was no gas coming through

I had three different men here today, all at the same time. trying to figure out why I wasn’t able to light the pilot light for my hot water heater.

 they couldn’t figure it out either 

All RV experts in their own way and no one could light my fire.

Tomorrow I’ll take her in to see if I am simply out of propane! Wouldn’t that be silly, the indicator shows I have a quarter tank still that could be wrong.

I really hope this is the fix i need.Would be so simple, even laughable! no hot showers, (really fast cold showers) no hot water to wash the dishes all because I ran out of propane and didn’t know it and didn’t want to ask for help.  Probably a lesson in there somewhere.

My old GG has her propane tank built in so to fill it up we need to take a ride into town. No one comes by to fill propane if your tank is located inside (really the outside) the rv.

I’m wondering if I should see about a setup using the smaller propane tanks, I saw on utube that is a possible fix. I only use propane for the water heater, now that I don’t have my gas stove, the problem came about when we removed the stove but we can’t figure out why that should happen, the gas line was only cut off to the stove. 

Maybe I should look into alternate water heating devices.