Old Lady Fell Out of Bed

IMG_0188Old Lady Fell Out of her Bed

That’s me.
My bed is located over the truck cab. I have a ladder to get up there but haven’t used it because I can climb up just fine, til today when I fell getting down off the bed. Slide down, couldn’t control it landed on a little cart and onto thresh water tank, I’m going to be sore tomorrow but no real damage done.

Maybe I need to use the ladder. I tried to get it out from where its kept above the storage but it’s too tight for me to get down , I’ll need to ask for help, hate that!  The ladder takes up too much valuable space,  maybe I’ll just be more careful yeah, the problem was that I started to slip and I was not on the side but in the middle where  the distance between the bed and the floor is greater than from the edge where I can slide to the bed below.  Old ladies need to avoid falls but my bones are in surprisingly good shape for my age, the radiologist said so on my last bone density test.