Not sure about this man

Probably should let him go without further communication but I hate to give up!

He told me so little about himself, maybe there’s little to tell, he said his life was uneventful compared to my stories, but I wonder what he wasn’t telling.

I gave him my number so we could text each other because that worked so well with Colorado man, even while he lived here we would text rather than call.

So this morning I get a text that says “I am such a big boy, Kate’s big boy”…..

damn, not what I expected!!! What is this?

He says “ it’s humor, if your searching for an exit, put it out there I’m a big boy.”

I’m wondering what kind of man he is and told him that was not what I had in mind when I offered to communicate with him. What do you think.



So this is actually the second time he has told me to go, it’s as though he doesn’t expect anyone to stick around. Almost a challenge.

So I texted him that I’m not interested in junkyard conversation and would only continue with a clean and decent minded man, so there we are.

Another failed contact. This may be a waste of time, hoping to find a companion at this stage may be futile, sometimes I wish I had never begun looking,

Odd, he is no longer on the site, too strange so I’ve blocked him from my phone and that’s the end of that story.

End of all stories in blue

Talk A Lot?

Total strangers will talk your arm off telling you things you don’t want to hear.

It amazes me.

Yesterday doing laundry, I met a woman and now I can tell you about her family, her vehicle, her plans and her age, without myself having said a word.

You don’t even have to share, just listen.

I wonder if this is because we (RVers) spend so much time alone that when we encounter someone who will listen we take advantage and tell all.

This from Quora

why people talk a lot is because they have a huge storage of thoughts which was created when they were alone. And when the storage capacity is overfull the thoughts need to come out, t his makes them talk a lot and mostly about the things they had in their mind before.

Seems there are all kinds of talkers and reasons why we talk so much, here are some notes I thought interesting from an article I read on by Deborah Grayson Riegel

  1. Talking about yourselfResearch shows that when we talk about ourselves, our brains release dopamine, the pleasure hormone, so we’re immediately rewarded when we do so. People keep gabbing because they are addicted to that pleasure
  2. Talking to show how much you know. This, ironically, tends to undermine rather than build credibility. It also has a negative impact on our likeability, one of the key factors in how we evaluate people.
  3. Talking out of nervousness or insecurity. Our ability to self-manage shrinks when our anxiety grows
  4. Talking to fill the silence  most people experience silence as something to avoid–especially in conversation. 

Talk less ! Think more !

I personally don’t know anyone who thinks they talk too much, and so far today (6pm) I have spoken not a word.

Am I a Recluse or Just a Boring Person?

People wear me out with Endless Conversation

It is said that having close social groups are important factors in longevity and health.

What if being alone doesn’t bother you? Worse, what if you like it?

If I had to choose to be alone or being with a person that talks all the time I would choose to be alone. I would, to avoid the stress that it would cause me. I am lacking in social skills and tolerance.

My social skills are poor and they are getting worse as I find I am intolerant of conversations that mean nothing or are an annoyance to me.What does that say about me?

Rude? Intolerant? Disinterested? Boring? Dull? Special?

All of the above?

When do you have opportunity to think, while there is conversation going on?

You have to think how to respond hardly listening to what is being said, while you plan what you will say, so no one is really listening, just waiting for a break in conversation so one can have a turn to speak with the people next to you, or the one inside your head.

We don’t give ourselves time to just think. Life gets too busy on the outside to be able to take the time needed to really think and understand ourselves and our world.

This used to bother me, make me uncomfortable in social groups but now at 76 years of age I don’t try too hard to fit in., I am a boring person.

I may be rude and I have no small talk. Please excuse me,

But if by chance you ask me who I am, you might be surprised to find that I too have a story to tell, but I’ll probably just write it here.

I am a boring person


Conversations with my Muse


Do you think one can come to be so touched by words that a relationship is formed without knowing whose words they are?

I wonder because I feel energy in  these words  and I wonder if everyone who reads them words falls in love with the writer.

Or is it me?

Have I been aroused from my sleep to realize my days are getting shorter.               

Am I satisfied how I am living them,

Will I regret not reaching for more……..