Today is a beautiful day to plant a garden

The wind has been just breezes today, and the sun is shining and it’s in the high 70’s. Perfect day to work outside and finally get my vegetable seeds in the ground. I think I have too many seeds for the amount of space so flower seeds went into pots.If even half of the seeds produce I’ll have a magnificent garden right here in my small space. People in the park stop by and say, “you are making a garden?” in wonder because most RV parks are for people coming and going,not stopping and staying. this park has 20 spaces of which half like it here and plan to stay a long time, as I do, otherwise it would not make sense to start a garden.

seeds are in the ground!

I have a friend needing some serious medical care, she doesn’t have insurance so she won’t see a MD. I’mg going to try to help with my needles, so far we see a small improvement today will be her 3 treatment, then we’ll skip 2-3 days and do another series of 3 treatments, I haven’t given her much encouragement because I feel she needs to see an MD, what a situation to be in, not old enough to get Medicare, spouse of retired Marine without any benefits for her. Her legs are so swollen I’m not sure where to find correct placement of needles, but we are trying to do what we can, she is very cooperative and hopefull.the first day I saw her I felt she needed to be in a hospital but she says that will not happen.

Did I tell you I got a new beautiful leather reclining chair for my studio? The people that live here are so fine! The chair was extra for this neighbor because of some reason and they had half of the two love seat and so they gave it to me. Now I have a comfortable place where I (and others but not Charley) can sit and keep my feet up I could probably sleep here!

I made some more face masks today, I’ll just keep making them because I think we’ll need them for a long time and after the first flush of help tires we will still need them so I still have some fabric so I’ll keep making them, I feel like it hasn’t really arrived here close to where I live, we can not let down our defenses too early.

Haven’t taken a bath in my soaking tub yet but I cleaned it out and refilled it and soon I will jump in, I figure I can use it 3 times or so and then water my garden with the water.

I bought this Primo water dispenser, well first I bought the container for the water but when I brought it home and set it in my studio I wondered why this bottle didn’t have a spout, only a carrying handle. I’m such a dummy, the bottle goes with the whole water system not to be used apart very easily. So I went back and bought the rest of the program. A little pricey for me but now I have hot and cold water in my studio. I thought it would be a good thing for me to have because I sit here for hours without drinking water and with my sensitive system I need to drink more water and am a lazy old lady not going to get a drink when I know I should.

So, am I drinking more water yet?

I think I have been complacent with this corona virus because I only personally know of 2 cases and they are in Panama. I just read another friends description of how difficult life is in Panama with people going hungry and the government is enforcing some strict rules of when you can get groceries with severe consequences if you don’t follow the rules. I hope my family there is safe and have what they need, food, water, medications and stay well during this most difficult time we are living.

So while I can plant a garden, learn new things and not suffer any consequences in my small world I know people are suffering everywhere, everywhere and we can only hope our leaders and we are doing what needs to be done to lessen the impact and get over this disaster soon.



Finally starting to cool down here in Caballo. I even was chilly this morning but we’re still in the upper 80’s all week.

We went out to get a new leash this morning, the one I got from Joan broke and I couldn’t repair it, they allow you dog in the store if on a leash, they have everything Charley needs at this place, which is very good as I won’t be able to bring him in when I need to grocery shop. It gets complicated, he barks if I leave him alone for more than 2 minutes.Now he is sleeping in my space and I am in his., we need to work on that.

The park hasn’t been real busy, people park for a night and are gone in the morning. There have been some really huge RV’s in here lately. Soon the snow birds will be here, CJ (owner)expects many of the same people as were here last year. A nice sense of community here. I look forward to seeing them.

I’m having serious procrastination issues lately can’t get started on my to do list. It’s because I’m reading too much. I get library books on Overdrive. and I just keep reading. I don’t even cook. Do you have it on your reader? Saves huge amounts of money and I can read anytime on my ipad. If you have a library card you can download it. I just don’t have space for a lot of books and this is a great option.

My paints have dried up so I ordered new, can’t wait to get started, I want to paint the mountains that I see from here, it won’t be easy but I have time to work on it, ready for a challenge.

I’ve only had one Acupuncture client recently, one treatment only but I wasn’t able to help her with her stiff neck, she only gave me one chance had she been willing for a 2nd treatment I think she would have been fine, she wanted a magic pill so went to a clinic. I thought I had a good chance to fix her as she had only been hurting 1-2 days. She’s is feeling better now, I’m glad.

I miss GG, my Gas Guzzling RV

I’ve been here a week, I’m going home tomorrow, I did good here, my sister is recovering and I think this is due to my interventions more than anything and that makes me happy, and if she does what I told her she will be 100% fine. ..

I need to see how things are going with my GG, while I’ve been gone. I know the roof isn’t done, apparently Frank is having problems with vertigo so getting up on my roof is not a good idea.

My new faucet has been installed and I’m told that I will love it.

My plants may or may not be thriving, at least one, probably the jade plant, has not survived. It was a bad time to leave them but when I get back I’m going to get working on my patio to make my out door room with plants and a comfortable reclining chair and an big umbrella for shade

I have a plan that maybe I shouldn’t tell you about and may be wrong thinking but I’ve decided to look at my finances in this way. I’m 76 in pretty good health don’t have anything that is going to kill me anytime soon but I am old, so I could go any time or stay another 10 years or even more! Yikes!

I’m going to buy whatever I need to be comfortable. I don’t mean to spend crazy, I don’t need lots of stuff…besides I have no space to put ‘stuff’. I will get what I need for comfort without worrying so much about the cost and will use my credit cards liberally. I used to pay my cards off each month and never paid interest on them but why should I do that now in my situation?. I could die with credit card debt. You know that when a person dies your primary debt is first, your credit card debt is the last thing to collect on and often is not collected at all. ( I googled this!) If that is so, should I care to always be up to date with my credit card bills, at my age? Besides I have insurance that can be used for this debt. when I’m gone.

My son questions my ethics.

What do you think about this?

I feel liberated!

Just kidding, I can and do pay for my comforts they are very simple, all I want are some planters to garden in, a shady space to sit comfortably, maybe a massage table or a low table to practice my acupuncture massage skills on friends in a comfortable space.

I’m not a big spender and am happy with where I am and what I have, but there a few changes I’m going to make as far as comfort goes,

I can’t wait to get started.

My Hot Water Dilemma, is ongoing……….

I’ve been going out several times daily since we removed the stove to restart the hot water heater without success,  I thought it was something I was doing wrong,  it has always been hard for me to get it IMG_0017 lit but I’d usually finally get it lit in the end.  

I was determined to do it myself but when Lupy, my acupuncture friend came by to look at my sink ( new faucet) I gave in and asked him to light my pilot light for me.

He couldnt either and found there was no gas coming through

I had three different men here today, all at the same time. trying to figure out why I wasn’t able to light the pilot light for my hot water heater.

 they couldn’t figure it out either 

All RV experts in their own way and no one could light my fire.

Tomorrow I’ll take her in to see if I am simply out of propane! Wouldn’t that be silly, the indicator shows I have a quarter tank still that could be wrong.

I really hope this is the fix i need.Would be so simple, even laughable! no hot showers, (really fast cold showers) no hot water to wash the dishes all because I ran out of propane and didn’t know it and didn’t want to ask for help.  Probably a lesson in there somewhere.

My old GG has her propane tank built in so to fill it up we need to take a ride into town. No one comes by to fill propane if your tank is located inside (really the outside) the rv.

I’m wondering if I should see about a setup using the smaller propane tanks, I saw on utube that is a possible fix. I only use propane for the water heater, now that I don’t have my gas stove, the problem came about when we removed the stove but we can’t figure out why that should happen, the gas line was only cut off to the stove. 

Maybe I should look into alternate water heating devices.   




An ACupuncture RX plus more Red Paint

I’ve given an acupuncture treatment for painful swollen knees for a friend here in the park. I know this will help her because when I treat my own knees I feel better and can climb stairs quickly, sometimes without having to go one stair at a time. Yesterday she couldn’t bear weight, today she can.

Finally the winds have died down this morning so I’m going to town to do my errands before they start up again.

Walmart had Cadbury candies out for Easter, the Easter bunny doesn’t stop here….I don’t think so, I got a little over excited and bought a lot of mini eggs. Yum

I did some painting today in red. I painted Jose’s table, I removed the paper and it looks great, much better the plywood took the paint just fine and I sprayed a gloss finish, I’m happy with it.

I also painted the cabinets above and below the fridge black, instead of red or white or purple all colors that I tried first. I painted them black because the fridge has black edges so I think they fit in better this way, I used craft paints and will give them another coat of my good black paint tomorrow. Red and black are a favorite combination for me, and I’ve used it liberally here in GiGi.

I’ve repurposed a three tired wire basket that fell down in the ‘kitchen to use in my bathroom and spray painted it with teal to match the mirrors in my barely turnaroundable bathroom. Right now my shower is full of my supplies for my various projects which I move from here to there hoping one day I will have used them all up and I’m finished with my projects, that will never happen I know, there will always be something to fix or change and I’m good with that.

loving my red!

My old RV on my small budget doesn’t compare to those I see on the various fb pages, but I still like mine the best because it’s all about me and who I am, and who I am is a really old lady on the road wondering what the heck I’m doing and can I really tow my toad down the road? I’ll need to get a trailer for it I’m told, sounds like another expense I’ll have to plan for.


Nice Exchange of Skills

image_566198487508049A neighbor helping me to do some repairs on my RV complained of back pain. I asked if he’d tried acupuncture and he had not. so I offered to give him treatments in exchange for his help.

Word got out in the RV park of the plan and the next day I had 5 women and one man in a circle with needles placed for various concerns and my RV is now level for the first time.  But the neighbor was not one of them, scared of needles!

What doesn’t work as it should, I don’t Expect Anyone to do this for Me but I need some help Please!

IMG_0164What doesn’t work as it should, or at all, or need to remove/replace on my RV

The lights some don’t light up, some outlets don’t work
The leak above the cab.
The book shelf system

Install new door to water heater ..does it work?
The exterior dents and cracks fill in and clean
Finish the wood floor
Remove Bathroom cabinet
Replace water pump, I have a new one not installed
Weather stripping on doors?
Why fridge not working on electric power?
Wash and wax exterior, what kind of supplies do I need to get?

How to understand solar panel readings
Burned inverter?
Show me how to use meter

I don’t expect anyone to do all this for me, I just need instructions and some help.

Need -ling Happening Here!

I made this little note for those living in my rv park at the request of several residents.

Trade skills with me? I do acupuncture and need help with my RV. Let’s make a trade that only involves our effort, not cash!
I can go to your home or we have permission to use CJ’s home. In fact we could do several people at once at CJ’s in chairs, happy hour with needles?? I do acupuncture using the big points found on the arms below the elbows and on the legs below the knees. ((you’ll need to keep those areas free) That may not seen like enough but these are the most important channels of energy and most effective points. In some instances I’ll chose other points when needed..
One thing to know about AC it doesn’t work in one treatment, especially if the problem is deep seated. You would require at least 3 treatments in three consecutive days, rest a couple days and repeat as needed. Are you ready to do that?

Contact me in the little tioga or call 571 258 7018 to set up a plan. I’ll have my needles ready.

PS I graduated from Texas Institute of traditional Chinese Medicine in 1994 but don’t have a current license to practice here in NM so………..I’m also an RN without a current license, but hey, I’m 75 and ready to travel with GG my gas guzzling rv!
PPS I do sometimes sell my art work!
And I have a website/blog here
I’m Kathy, and I expect to be here until late January