Onward, to the next chapters of my life

Opening new chapters in your life can both scary and exhilarating. So do you chose to be scared or chose exhilaration? it’s either the dumbest thing I’ve ever done or the smartest, I chose to be exhilarated.

My studio is up for sale and when I finally get it cleared out it will be gone. My art supplies, except for my good paints and a few things, go to a friend’s granddaughter, a budding artist. Everything else must go as I have promises that on the other end of my travel there is a studio being prepared for me with new supplies as needed


This time frame is getting close, once the studio and my car are sold, nothing really keeps me here..except to gift some stuff to friends .Rather than tow my car in a trailer ($1200) I’m selling it and will look for a car in Tx

We haven’t met face to face yet!

that was supposed to happen when I went to Dallas in late September , now we agreed that a face to face is not necessary because we’ve shared so much already, he reads here so you know he knows all of me! It’s a nine hour drive from here to there, longer in the rv. I am keeping GG, my security belt, if all does not turn out as we expect, I’ll keep on keeping on traveling light.

time is passing, and we want to enjoy the time we have, we’re both in good health, mutually open to this new style finding a partner, feeling fortunate we found each other. He is my trophy dude.

I should probably thank Colorado man for dumping me! He made me want more. More love, more companionship be part of a couple again, so although it was painful at first, and stupid secondly, I wouldn’t have met mr. wonderful or have the opportunities available to me now.

Keep me in your thoughts and send good vibes this way, please and thanks!

Change your thoughts, Change your life

Sin mas

Tomatoes, squash and basil

My garden and more

Finally getting some rain here! I’m drying some mini tomatoes, Not sure why but I have the idea that added herbs and oils to the dried tomatoes with garlic could be yummy so I’m experimenting couldn’t be bad right?

Listening to country music lately preparing for a trip to Texas in my near future. But before that I’m thinking about a detour to Mexico because so many neighbors have had good results with inexpensive dental care. I may do that asap! save thousands

Later entry next day or two…….

Evening sky tonight but no rain ….yet

Wondering what comes next.

Listening to tapes and videos about the hazards of immunization, nutrition and intuition and today got my free tarot cards that I have no idea what to do with but seemed to go along with everything else happening around me!

Fasting today on a smoothie I made with yogurt protein powder basil, raspberries spinach flax seed and kale. Not real tasty but Charley and I drank it all and nothing else but walnuts and some yummy pomegranate dark chocolate candy I discovered that absolutely must be good for us…..but not for Charley.

sin mas

I have high hopes for the future

Change your thoughts, change your life.

I’m doing a lot of positive thinking these days because I sense change is in my future. Positive change if I can trust and believe all I’m told, it’s what’s written on the wind, its a gust of fresh air and a new rainbow in the eastern sky. Okay I don’t know where that came from! I did see a rainbow this morning!

A new opportunity presents itself, I’m ready for change, I’ve closed one door for another to open. But it depends on so many factors I’m not in charge of so I can only be myself and hope that I can share the life of another free spirit chosen for me.

My plans change from day to day, I know what I want to happen, I want to be in love and be loved again truly and trusting and honestly. I’m ready to turn the page and start fresh with a new plan for my future hopefully not alone but if alone ready to create a new page in my diary always learning something new about myself and this world I’ve created. Something I just read…

If you are looking for someone to change your future, look in the mirror!

I’m looking deeply into other states of mind, intuition, astrology and even ordered some tarot cards which I won’t know what to do with, just opening my mind to other realities without censoring anything looking more closely to see if I’ve missed something useful, some unexpected knowledge that might benefit me or someone else.

Zacbushmd.com/blog, this man was recommended by CO man and is the best thing Ive gotten from him, besides fixing electrical gadgets, I highly recommend this blog to inform yourself about the state of our world and humanity. And what can be done to save us from a dying off of our planet earth.

Sin mas

And now he wants back!

I can hardly believe him, Am I expected to forgive him? Am I stupid? Am I so lonely that his behavior is acceptable? no, No, No!

He says the fact that I didn’t need him while redoing, repainting GG made him unhappy so when another woman offered to drive back to CO to help him with cleaning out his rv he said sure thing and left with her. No matter that I didn’t know about this person, no matter that I was confused and crying for days. No matter that I had offered to go with him to help him, no matter at all.

I guess I expected more from him because of his background, I expected honor, Truth, sincerity and I got none of that. Now he’s sorry, very sorry because that woman didn’t turn out to be helpful after all and he ended up bring her back home, neither feeling friendly toward the other.

I told him I thought he must be a narcissistic fool, to love one day and the next be totally over it with no feeling left for the person supposedly loved. I told him he was an ass hole, he agreed.

Told him I could forgive him, I thought him foolish to think we could go back to being as we were, even friendship was unlikely at this point. He cried, I did not, I’m over him, disappointed in him, he should move on as I am.

Colorado man returns? why?

What do you think about this development, certainly unexpected and uninvited.

He left me, we were barely friendly when he left me, yet he was always ready to help me as my friend and he did, as a friend, and yet he left me

And now what does he expect by coming back?

I have nothing left for him, maybe that friendship he expressed when he left me, that might work, but I’ve learned about his personality type and of relationships within the type and that’s not acceptable to me now.

I’m thankful that I took the time to understand what happened. He’s a man who can be a good friend who loves you one day and the next, you’re just someone he knows.

He should just keep traveling

But I am curious. I’m curious to know how everything back home turned out when he got there as he never communicated how it all went. So I’m curious as a disinterested friend might be.

I’m very content right now, I have a developing relationship that I believe is healthy and promising and nothing is going to change that.

Ghost clouds

I am My own worst enemy!

Do you ever do dumb things, I am especially careless in one regard, my bladder health. I’ve written here before about IC, a condition I’ve had for many years, A mostly stable condition but then I do something stupid and it flares up to remind me that I have a sensitive bladder

The past two days I’ve been working on all the 4 inch ceramic tiles that I removed from GG, I’m sure I must have 100 tiles and I wanted to use alcohol inks and resin.. I have a very good respirator. One day I spent the day in the rv because too hot to make them outside or in the studio, alcohol fumes in the rv without good ventilation was stupid and to confound further I did the same in the studio the next day with the resin. So by afternoon I was in bladder hell, and today will be unpleasant. I did it to myself! Using the respirator is not comfortable and would have probably made a difference in how I feel today. You may wonder, toxic fumes affecting my bladder? Absolutely!

I discovered a better way to finish these tiles. Instead of painting directly on the tiles, I’m using the inks on a large sheet of yupo paper that the inks glide over, then cut the papers the size of the tile. Then varnish, no more dealing with the resin, because they didn’t turn out well, these are pretty cute but still need to add backs clean up the edges, make a hole for ribbon on the wood squares.

I’ll need to lighten some parts I see

About the move, I change my mind every day. I’ve decided to go to South Carolina for my granddaughter ‘s wedding, can’t miss this event, it’s in October so I will drive with Charley to leave him with my son or sister and fly out of Dallas. Spend a couple days in SC return and spend some time in Dallas before making the long drive home. When that is completed I’ll see about My move, probably to Truth or Consequences before Christmas.

All is well on the singles site, haven’t met anymore idiots, a couple possible meets soon, all good.

Face to face…..to morrow

I’m feeling a little anxious, we’re meeting for the first time in a place about half way between where I am and where he lives, in a small town I’ve never been at noon for lunch. Should be fun, right? We haven’t spoken or texted much so I don’t know much about him but he was happy to let me google him so I know a little about him so I’m not worried safety wise. Que será será!

I wasted this whole day on the bendito tiles using alcohol inks. I wanted to do something with all the tiles I took out of GG, I cleaned them up and thought I’d use the inks but they are not good but I hate to give up so I’ll probably use up the rest of the inks. I like the one that looks like an elephant, sorta, ….squint

Alcohol inks

My tracker told me it’s time to sleep an hour ago and I wish I was asleep but I’m up because my rls (restless legs) won’t let me, so I’m here and there looking for something to sooth them, I’ve tried reading but couldn’t stay still,so I’ve eaten some frozen peaches, crackers, now I’ll make some tea, or I’ll bake cookies anything to distract the legs!

Get in charge of your thoughts I have this written on my fridge. Listening to the intuition videos has opened up some interest in learning more about the power of the mind. You think if we all thought positive thoughts the word would be better? There should be a world wide ‘Good Thoughts Day why not? Sending good thoughts out to the universe to counter balance all the ass holes! What a day that would be!

I’m waiting for my lunch date at this very cute original OWL bar and cafe inSan Antonio NM about 70 miles north of Caballo, café has been open since 1930s

Added later

Good conversation but the distance is too great to pursue further conversation.we agreed and we each had a very good hamburger and onion rings and said adios

I took some new ‘selfies’ today…..

Because I couldn’t get them added to the silver singles site, the site is hard to edit photos and I think anyone interested comes here to see me and my thoughts anyway. A couple selfies, don’t have full length because I’m embarrassed to ask anyone to take it for me. But the light was good and the photos look like me today

Click on them to make them larger, and slide. You also see bits of my RV, photos taken today. 79 years and holding, 138 lbs and also holding! So this is me, either Kate in NM , Kathy for old friends and family or legally Kathleen.

I’m being more assertive on line

Instead of sending just a smile, which I’m told most men ignore because they get dozens or more a day, I say something like “ I like your profile and see we are rated highly compatible, what do you think, check mine” or something I specifically like about their profile. I usually only smile or write to those living in the state, unless something strikes me as interesting in AZ.

I have some interesting connections but they may read here so unless they turn out badly for any reason you won’t read about them here.

I’m serious about this and don’t want too much more time to pass solita. My feet are itchy to progress, but with caution, I guess my run-in with CO man has prompted me to look around myself and wonder if this enough, just me by myself forever?

And I know it is not enough, I’ve said it before, I’m not done yet, who knows, my best years may be about to begin! I’m keeping that positive thought because that’s how it happens!

I just read an article about how to know if someone is truthful and trustworthy. Okay, it was a medium article, but it described myCO guy in so many ways and there were so many red flags I didn’t see. I should copy that article and reread it a few times to not get Involved with that type of narcissistic personality again. Innocently me! They can be so charming, can you believe we almost sold my car for a motorcycle he loves! ( ok, I agreed it would be fun, two old foggies on the bike) But I couldn’t afford it even selling my car, saved again by lack of funds, who says it’s a problem being poor? You notice who couldn’t do the affording?

Ok, I’m done won’t mention him again, out of of my system, maybe I just had to get mad to get over the whole situation, if so I thank the one who wrote that medium article whoever it was and however I came to it just when I was ready to read it. Funny how things like that just happen when you need it! Intuition?

Intuition, I just finished listening to a 5 day seminar on intuition, some fascinating information sorry I missed some of the sessions but will be investigating this further, who knows maybe I can learn something new, that’s not new but ancient knowledge and not woowooo at all.

Still working on painting my clouds but with this new plan I’ll need to get busy sorting through the accumulation of three years of stuff.

Sin mas

I feel sexy when I wear hoop but these make feel a little silly, what say u?