Face to face…..to morrow

I’m feeling a little anxious, we’re meeting for the first time in a place about half way between where I am and where he lives, in a small town I’ve never been at noon for lunch. Should be fun, right? We haven’t spoken or texted much so I don’t know much about him but he was happy to let me google him so I know a little about him so I’m not worried safety wise. Que será será!

I wasted this whole day on the bendito tiles using alcohol inks. I wanted to do something with all the tiles I took out of GG, I cleaned them up and thought I’d use the inks but they are not good but I hate to give up so I’ll probably use up the rest of the inks. I like the one that looks like an elephant, sorta, ….squint

Alcohol inks

My tracker told me it’s time to sleep an hour ago and I wish I was asleep but I’m up because my rls (restless legs) won’t let me, so I’m here and there looking for something to sooth them, I’ve tried reading but couldn’t stay still,so I’ve eaten some frozen peaches, crackers, now I’ll make some tea, or I’ll bake cookies anything to distract the legs!

Get in charge of your thoughts I have this written on my fridge. Listening to the intuition videos has opened up some interest in learning more about the power of the mind. You think if we all thought positive thoughts the word would be better? There should be a world wide ‘Good Thoughts Day why not? Sending good thoughts out to the universe to counter balance all the ass holes! What a day that would be!

I’m waiting for my lunch date at this very cute original OWL bar and cafe inSan Antonio NM about 70 miles north of Caballo, café has been open since 1930s

Added later

Good conversation but the distance is too great to pursue further conversation.we agreed and we each had a very good hamburger and onion rings and said adios

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