Making plans to skidaddle this place

Skidaddle, did I just make up this word or just misspelled the word, to leave a place quickly……Actually I don’t think I’ll leave quickly but I’m thinking I’ve spent too much time here while doing nothing useful for myself or anyone else.

I think I heard my Mom say skidaddle, probably telling me to go outside to play

I’m going to check out new places around the state parks, get Gg ready to travel and figure out how to tow my smart car. I’ll need to find a trailer because it’s not recommended to tow with tires on the ground ……..they have them at this tractor place for about $1200 but the weight of my car is 200 lbs more than the trailer’ capacity, I wonder if that’s a deal breaker, other than that it’s perfect.

Smart car trailer, I hope!

My car is tiny but made of steel!

Today has been busy, outside all day as I returned all my paint brushes and stuff back to the studio. There was a cooling breeze today so I raised the umbrella to shade the front of the studio door and I have fans inside so I spent most of the day outside painting until I went to town to look at the trailers and pick up at few things at Walmart.

I have a few thoughts about what to do about my studio if ….when I leave cuz I can’t take it with me. I’m thinking I’d clean it out put up a for sale sign and keep paying my rent here til it sells to someone who wants the garden and the studio and this site. Yes I think that’s a plan and will let me move sooner. In the studio I have a fridge,ACx2 some furniture , someone can finish it. I’ll need to get up to the loft to start sorting out what’s up there and wonder what to do with everything!

Meanwhile the search continues and I’ve met some nice men, well I haven’t met yet but am getting closer to face to face meets, I’m hoping that they won’t turn up here in the fools pile!

Sin mas


7 thoughts on “Making plans to skidaddle this place

  1. Kate, you are a good neighbor. While I don’t want you to leave, I also realise that you need to do what you feel is best for you to move forward in your life. I hope you’ll continue your blog and keep contact. I miss you already And You’re Not Gone! 🤭
    Do what you need to do for you. Know that you are loved & cared about. P S. If you are checking out the State Parks, you need to make reservations for a space. You can check that out at NM State parks. Actually, you can go in to Caballo State Park & they can give you the info. It’s a good way to see the state. Something different.

    Peace Joy and Happiness



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