Music makes everything better

Don’t you agree? Find someone who enjoys the same music as you do and you think you’ve made a good connection,

Back when I thought I was in ‘love’ we’d spend hours sitting outside on my futon in the evening listening to music. I enjoyed those evenings but today I’m thankful to say I’m so over it! As a friend said to me “ I think you missed a bullet he is a narcissistic man with a huge ego who needs to be reminded and appreciated constantly of how much he helped you-and other people” He was helpful and appreciated, again and again.

So I’m glad he let me go though I wasn’t. at the time and I’ve had time to really look at myself and wonder why I dropped my defenses with this person. Remember, I wasn’t impressed with him on his arrival, I guess he wasn’t impressed with me when he departed.

Oh well, we grow with each new experience right? Now I’m more prepared to deal with what happens next in this world of silver seniors and smiles. (así es la vida de las viejas atrevidas)

Today, so far I’ve gotten 6 of the same kind of messages….wait let me check…yup another of the same, a guy wants to tell me about his friend gives me his email tells me I won’t be sorry, and I ve gotten several warnings from the site about at least 4 more guys…… change you banking info we are investigating this person! So I guess they try to keep the riffraff out. I’m not likely to give out any banking information unless it for a deposit, no not even that!

We were talking about music, how did I get so far afield? I look forward to listening to music again with a glass of wine in the evening with a new friend.

I like almost all music but I read that your favorite music is the music you heard while falling in love, that would be my Panama years and still I love romantic Spanish ballads. I remember going to see Julio Iglesias sing at a high school, colegio Javier in Panama City! Must have been very early in his career and he was perplexed because the girls knew all his songs and were singing with him, he actually stopped singing with this look o his face wondering what to do about it. I went with a friend, it was great, screaming girls and all.

Music makes everything better! And flowers do too, and a glass of wine a loving hug, and a sincere smile…….and chocolate


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