The down side to online dating you meet too many insensitive insincere men

I’ve met a few recently, I don’t understand them

There’s a Todd out there, probably not really his name-don’t know much about the man just enough to know he has a big story that he tried to sell and then tired of the chase and disappeared without saying goodbye. Cross him off my board,delete his number block mine. This is a tough business, not for the tender hearted, must stay safe

I may have been too hasty, again, I guess I should wait to publish my thoughts and give myself time to understand as I have heard from Todd and he is only guilty of being new to online dating, texting and falling asleep between notes. We may laugh about this some day so I’m not deleting it today. So sorry Todd, let’s see where this goes.

Next is my artist ‘friend’ we were meeting face to face tomorrow but I haven’t heard back about time or place so…nada. Cross him off my board., he wanted to at least be friends? Really?

Both these guys read here, I think maybe not anymore! I’m not spending any more money or time on this, when my 3 months are up that’s it I won’t renew and I’ll get back to living my life which is a very good life even living it alone.. these guys and others ruin what could be a good experience for two people, now I don’t trust and will be more careful, less open until… to trust the well intended when there are so many crackpots out there, so far that type is all I’ve been unfortunate to meet.

New topic, also disgusting

You know I had not had a tv for about ten years but recently bought a small one, yesterday I saw an ad about pubic hair, I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears, what a low culture we have become…. Really sad about this! I quit watching years ago because I didn’t like being exposed to all the consumer noise, and the trashy stuff, I’m no princess, I know life, been there, done that but there should be some limits ! I despair at the level of poor taste I see on the tube…(why do we still refer to it as the tube? Probably no one but me does.)I guess I’ll just watch heartland and mute the multiple interruptions. And maybe some pbs.

I guess this is my bitching space tonight, nevertheless life is good despite those who try to fool you, disrespect you…….we just let it go…..after bitching about it of course. Peace.

Sin mas

4 thoughts on “The down side to online dating you meet too many insensitive insincere men

  1. Kate, sorry things are not going better, man wise. Sometimes you need to go through a lot of dross before you find the gold.

    As for tv, we gave up tv years ago because of insensitive ads. Remember the one about the women’s husband’s constipation? It’s all about money.

    Peace Joy and Happiness

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  2. First, and most importantly, you don’t NEED a man! Years ago, I had a magnet on my fridge, that said, ” It takes a mighty good husband to be better than none.” True. Also, years ago, when I was ‘single’, a good friend, male, told me that he would love to introduce me to someone, but, “I don’t know any men your age that are mentally healthy.” Hmmm. And, many men are not attracted to highly independent women, I have found. I say, if it happens, it happens, no need to push it. 🙂

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  3. Have a glass of wine, play some nice music, hug Charley, put your feet up. Think of all he good times, Say “screw it” to rest of the garbage I love you kid.

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