When there isn’t a man to help you out

You do it yourself. Today was one of those problems you wish you had help with. My Rhino sewer Hose sprung a leak in the worse posible place, no, any leak in the tube is bad and disgustingly stinky. First I thought of duck tape to hold it for now but ended up going to town to get a new one. I’ll replace it later when the day cools it 101 degrees now of course it doesn’t leak when the valve is closed. I would guess that none of the other woman (with spouses ) ever deal with the dark tank. Not that it’s a big deal to manage but those jobs and taking out the trash seem to be done by men. I not looking for a man to do my chores!

Not even sure I’m looking for a man. Seems futile, I’ve started to refer my”smiles” here. I think it should save us time, either I sound interesting and he’s eager to learn more or he’s turned off by my life style, how I think and who I am. Not even sure I want to rejoin the society I left, but I’ve done harder things and could probably do so if someone special wanted me to try. Face to face meeting s are hard to arrange, but are not the most important part for me. How a person looks or how I look to anyone without background isn’t helpful to me.

Just finished a good book The girl in his shadow by Audrey Blake from the global book club. It’s about medicine in 1845 and the role of women in medicine at that time. A good fast read from “ Libby” library app.

While at Walmart I picked up a couple more canvases to work on so space in my rv is tight but the studio is steamy my insulation is not adequate for summer in Caballo.

Next day…….

I tried to replace the sewer hose and it doesn’t fit the fitting into the sewer!! Damn! So tomorrow I have to go back and try again and the box got wet in last night downpour, bummer!

Sin mas


One thought on “When there isn’t a man to help you out

  1. I would certainly like to have a man for the dirty work, unfortunately then comes the bossing around jealously etc.
    NO on second thoughts, I’ll do it myself..
    Don’t mean to be a downer Kathy, but it’s he way I feel now

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